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ArtPractice & Twitter

No description

Alma Loreaux

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of ArtPractice & Twitter

Art Practice & Twitter old resources skills study of Modern Art art vocabulary
articulating ideas
contextualising scaffolding discussion designing Twitter rules
& posting on our Wiki starting #artmmc referring to relevant vocabulary involving past students studying art at UNI include other staff improve literacy talk about online profiles students share their work keep your private and school/work accounts fairly separate

(mainly because you might not want your teachers to see all of what you say to your friends) For your school/work account:

create an appropriate username (this is the first thing others will see about you)
do not give away your b'day, phone number, address, where you go to school and similar private details
do not post photos of you and friends and then tag who is who
keep comments appropriate (think about your audience) 'think before you tweet' 5 Stages of Getting Twitter
http://tinyurl.com/4x6pxlm using Wordle to prepare vocabulary of the day
http://www.wordle.net/ brainstorm ideas collaboratively with Wallwisher
http://www.wallwisher.com/ collaborate on essay questions using
Google Docs http://tiny.cc/km044
TypeWithMe http://typewith.me/ follow like-minded people
follow professional organisations of interest to your study (ie. @NatGalleryAus)
be mindful of whom you follow (you can judge this from people's bio and especially from their own tweets)

when you follow others, their tweets will appear on your feed

discriminate between valuable/good vs junk/bad information
'unfollow' those whose tweets appear unimportant engage in mindful and meaningful conversation
check your spelling and grammar before you post use hashtags when appropriate to easily engage in group conversations
DM means Direct Message (it will be sent privately
RT means Retweet (use it when you want to indicate you like or agree with a tweet
@ used with usernames when you want to mention someone in your tweets
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