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College 101 - STEPS to Success

No description

Kim Nimsgern

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of College 101 - STEPS to Success

STEPS 2 Start of
Classes College 101 - Getting Started at CVTC Have you used
iClickers before? Questions!
Write it down
Pass it up a. Yes
b. No
c. I don't know How many credits is
considered full-time? a. 6
b. 9
c. 12 and over If you register for 12 credits,
about how many hours will
you be in class? A. About 7 hours a day or about 35 hours a week
b. About 4-5 hours a day or about 25 hours a week
c. About 2-3 hours a day or about 12 hours a week
d. None of the above If you register for 12 credit,
about how much time should you
plan for class prep
and homework each week? a. About 5-10 hours
b. About 11-15 hours
c. About 16-20 hours
d. About 24+ hours Program Guide Sheet Class schedule How often do you
check your CVTC email? a. Never have
b. Rarely
c. Once a week
d. Once a day What is your Status? a. Program
b. Pre-Program
c. I don't really know http://www.cvtc.edu/Pages/default.aspx On-Line Catalog is more accurate! Here's where you find it. Online General Education Classes
Program Courses Breadth
A lens to view the world and solve problems
Well rounded - outside interest area Depth
Mastery of skill Things to Consider Tools and Resources What's Next Preparing for Registration Types of Classes & Location
This is helpful for planning your class schedule.
Located at the back of your handbook. Work Work Work Work Intro to
College Life Intro to
College Life What's your Status?
Program, pre-program, waitlist?
How many hours will you be working?
Full time (30-40) - 6 credits
Part time (20-30) - 9 credits
Part time (5-20) - 12-15 credits
What other obligations do you have? Registration
Check your email
STEPS 2 - August 20th Red Folders - Jennifer
White Folders - Pang
Blue Folders - Laura Use on-line
version Enjoy your day! Program Guide Sheet
Proposed Block
Student Success Plan
Search for Classes
Program Advisor/Counselor
Student Handbook
Reg & Records website Proposed Block How many hours can you
dedicate to school
each week? a. 36-40 hours
b. 27-30 hours
c. 18-20 hours
d. 9-10 hours More details
shared during
Tech Talk This is the main page This is My Student Life Page Registration Recommendation
Summer Contacts
Fall Resources Answers to Questions at your finger tips! This is on-line and in hard copy (Student Planner) This will be demonstrated
in Tech Talk! https://pwebcluster1.cvtc.edu/Include/Camtasia%20videos/ProgramRegistrationTutorial/registrationtutorial.html
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