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raif Gork

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of TVA

Tennessee Valley Authority
By Will Hunt and Raif Gork
New Deal
George W Norris
March 4th 1933 in Washington DC
FDR gave his inaugural address
“let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”- a famous line from the inaugural address
First Hundred Days- TVA, NIRA, PWA, AAA
George W. Norris created and sponsored the Tennessee Valley Authority
FDR called him "the very perfect, gentle knight of American progressive ideals,”
TVA Background

Founded in the First New Deal (March 1933)
Formed jobs, created electricity for rural areas, river navigation, and flood control
First dam was the Norris Dam completed in 1936
Great Depression
October 24 1929 (Black Thursday) Market declines
October 29 1929 (Black Tuesday) Great Crash
$30 billion estimated in stock lost by mid November
Herbert Hoover
FDR takes office 1933
Local Influence
Chickamauga Dam
Raccoon Mountain
Sequoya Nuclear Plant
Norris Dam
Chickamauga Dam
Broke ground 1936, completed in 1940
Controlled flooding of the Tennessee River
Before the dam, downtown Chattanooga was built over completely to withstand floods with lesser devastation
Powers most of Chattanooga by hydroelectric turbines
Raccoon Mountain
Sequoya Nuclear Plant
TVA's largest hydroelectric plant
Broke ground in 1969, unit 1 completed in 1981, unit 2 in 1982
2,282 Megawatts every summer are produced
Located in Soddy Daisy Tennessee on Chickamauga Lake
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