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The Benefits of The Space Program

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Avery Mierke

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The Benefits of The Space Program

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli BY AVERY MIERKE THE BENEFITS OF THE SPACE PROGRAM ENVIRONMENT CONSUMER MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION PUBLIC SAFETY OTHER The space program needed an energy source that could fly unmanned aircrafts at high altitudes for days at a time. "As a result, SunPower Corporation created the most advance silicon-based solar power cells available." These cells are now available to be installed in homes across the country to harness the power of the sun and turn it into energy. This solar energy helps to cut down on other usages of energy and save money. Solar Energy Oil Spill Control By using NASA's microencapsulating technology people are able to safely clean petroleum based pollutants from water. These beeswax balls help to clean up oil by attracting the oil, not water, while releasing enzymes that digest the oil. Once done digesting the oil, they explode into carbon dioxide and water, that is environmentally safe. The residue can even be a fish food. Water Purification Water purification has been developed to be used by astronauts when exploring space, so if water is found, they can purify it to drink. Water purifiers have been used all over the world for people who need a cheap but effective source of clean water. At Home Smoke Detector Smoke detectors were developed for the space program to use in their orbiting shuttles. They needed something to tell them if there was a fire so they could evacuate. All homes, in the U.S., have to have smoke detectors. Smoke detectors have saved thousands of lives because of the space program. Home Insulation Insulation was developed for the space program to have a barrier against the sun's radiation while in orbit. Insulation helps to reflect 95 percent of the sun's radiation. This reduces heating and cooling costs for homes. Enriched Baby Foods The enrichment of baby food was developed when the space program "explored the potential of algae as a recycling agent for long duration space travel." Traces of this substance can be found in over 90 percent of infant formulas sold in the U.S. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) LEDs were developed to help the space program grow plants in space. On Earth, they help heal humans. Through the development of LEDs, an award winning medical device was developed. The WARP 10 helps relieve minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, stiffness, and muscle spasms. It also promotes muscle relaxation and increase blood circulation. It is being used by the Department of Defense as a device that aids with first aid for minor injuries on the front line. Artificial Limbs NASA's innovations in robotics have created new and better solutions for animals and human protheses. "Advancements such as Environmental Robots Inc.'s development of artificial muscle systems with robotic sensing for use in NASA space robotic and extravehicular activities are being adapted to create more functionally dynamic artificial limbs." Anti-icing Systems Anti-icing systems were developed by the space program so that pilots with a single engine plane could fly higher than would normally be possible. Anti-icing is used in the wings of the plane by heating the wings so water can not crystalize into ice. This technology not only allows pilots to fly at higher altitudes, but it also allows them to fly longer distances. Highway Safety The technique of cutting grooves in concrete to increase traction and prevent injury was developed at NASA to prevent aircraft accidents on wet runways. This technology has been applied to roadways all across the U.S. increasing traction and reducing skidding thus causing fewer auto accidents. Improved Radial Tires Radial Tires were improved when the space program needed a strong strand of fiber to use in parachutes. GoodYear then took the idea and made a better tire. These new tires have a life expectancy 10,000 miles greater than conventional tires. Video Enhancing "Intergraph Government Solutions developed its Video Analyst System by building on Video Image Stabilization and Registration technology created by NASA." This video enhancing program helps the FBI analyze video footage. Some enhancements are full resolution, stabilization, frame-by-frame analysis, conversion of analog video to digital storage formats and increase visibility. Fire Resistant Reinforcement Fire resistant reinforcement was developed by the space program to use in the Apollo heat shield. The shield was coated with a material designed to block heat penetration while reentering our atmosphere. This technology has led to fire retardant paints and foams used in aircrafts and numerous other applications. Other Developments Conclusion There have been thousands of "spin offs" from the NASA Space Program. Some other spin offs are ventricular assist device, land mine removal, temper foam, cordless power tools, powdered lubricants, computer technology and food safety systems. NASA developed technologies have benefitted society through environmental, consumer, medical, transportation and public safety innovations. Thousands of spin off innovations have developed from NASA's technological achievements. Almost every aspect of our everyday lives have been touched by and improved by these innovations and developments. "http://www.sac.edu/Pages/default.aspx" "http://www.nasa.gov/home/index.html"
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