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No description

Tea Horvatic

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Croatia

Croatia - Our Country flag Geography Adriatic sea -It is one of the cleanest seas in the world
-It is settled between Italy and Croatia
-It has got many beautiful islands like: Rab, Krk, Pag, Kornati...
-People who come to Adriatic Sea, always come back Zagreb - the capital National parks -Croatia has got 8 national parks... The flag of Croatia is one of the state symbols, horizontal stripes in colors red, white and blue and the coat of arms in the middle. coat of arms The main coat of arms is a checkerboard that consists of 13 red and 12 silver (white) fields. cities Čakovec Varaždin Vukovar Rijeka Split Osijek Pula Šibenik Zadar Dubrovnik national anthem The Croatian national anthem is “Our Beautiful Homeland“ written by Antun Mihanović, and set to music by Josip Runjanin -surface coastal waters: 33.200 km ²
-area of ​​land and sea: 89,810 km ²
-total commercial area: 113,680 km ²
-land boundaries: 2028 km
-coastline: 5,835 km
-coastline land area: 1777 km
-coastline on the islands: 4058 km
-number of islands: 1,246 (67 inhabited)
-4,437,460 inhabitants Numbers St. Mark's church river Sava Plitvice Lakes Brijuni Kornati Krka Mljet Paklenica Risnjak North Velebit Nature parks ...and 11 nature parks Sport Croatia is very good in sports,we have soccer players, handball players, water polo, athletes, skiers, hockey players and they all are very good! Science Slavoljub Eduard Penkala - mechanical pencil
Nikola Tesla - AC generator, transformer, rotating magnetic field
Faust Vrančić - parachute
Ivan Vučetić – dactiloscopy (fingerprints identification)
Ivan Lupis-Vukić- inventor of torpedo Politics 1st July 2013 = date of the entry into the EU, which was proposed by the Commission. The Republic of Croatia should become the 28th European Union member state. Religion Almost 90% of the population in Croatia consider themselves Roman Catholic
- other: agnostics, atheists, orthodox, muslim, protestanism... climate Biokovo Lonjsko Polje Kopački Rit Vransko lake Telašćica Lastovo islands Papuk Učka President: Ivo Josipović
Prime minister: Zoran Milanović Music folklore folk outfit souvenirs In our school... a unitary democratic parliamentary republic Languages Croatian
minorities: Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Ruthenian, Serbian and Slovakian Primary: age 6 - 14
Secondary: age 14 - 18
University: age 18 - 23 Education: Remember Croatia! Thank you! :) Currency
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