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FC Barcelona

No description

Ariana Baca

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona most commonly know as Barcelona or Barca, goes back to November 29, 1899. When it was first discovered by a young man named, Joan Gamper who traveled with a group of friends. Barca is located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. FCB had some amazing history, which involve some great soccer players.
How was it sparked:
Where did the idea com from:
Joan Gamper convinced a sport club in Barcelona
to creat a soccer club in Barcelon, which represented Catalonia.
In Spain it was a perfect time to creat a sport's club, because many people where becmoning more interested in playing sports and becoming part of a team.
Background Information:
Has amazing player that are all part of the same club. Messi, Suarez, and Neymar make up
the best forward line to ever exist inBarcelona and in the world. Leo Messi is one of the top scorers in the Spanish League and all the records he has broke is all thanks to Barclona who gaved him a chance to make his debut on October 16, 2004 and it has been the only team Messi has felt like at home.

The Ultimate Trio
Lewis and Clark
Louisiana Purchase
Doubled the U.S size
Purchased from France in 1803
Traveled 8,000 miles in 2 1/2 years
Had to hunt and use the land around them to survive
Created hundreds of maps over routes they took
Had new info over animals, land scape, and territory
Struggles of FCB
1930-1939: The company was threatened to get FCB taken away from them at the beginning of the spanish civil war
Expanding West
Another struggle is when the club didn't sell enough tickets in one seasons
Struggled in the 13/14 season because the coach wasn't good enough for the club, he didn't insist or tell the team what he wanted from them during the games most of the time.
FCB was banned from signing any players until 2016, due to signing players under the age of 18. They aren't allowed to sign any players until January 2016. Now Barca has to struggle in not having any new players to replace some of the other players
Caused the Mexican-American War
War lasted 2 years and was later broken up by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Treaty mentioned:
1. Mex. agreed to sell Cali. & rest of its territory for $15 million
2. Rio Grande established the U.S.-Mexico Border
3. Mexico recognized the U.S. annexation of Texas
Traveling West was dangerous because it meant you had to leave everything behind
Horrible conditions when the weather wasn't good, when it was raining the wagons would sometimes get stuck in the mud
Didn't have any wood to make fire or cook
Travelers had to prepare:
- 600 lbs of flour
- 120 lbs of biscuits
- 400 lbs of bacon
- 60 lbs of coffee
- 4lbs of tea
- 100 lbs of sugar
- 100 lbs of lard
The man would carry a pistol or gun in order for hunting
They also needed to carry:
-A good hunting knife
-A plow
-Broad axe
-Seeds for corn, wheat, and other crops

Rewards of FCB
2008-2011: Josep "PEP" Guardiola coached one of the best FCB teams in history. Throughout the four years Pep coached, Barcelona won 2 UCL, 3 Spanish Leagues, and the long waited Club World Cup.
Camp Nou a five star stadium, is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe the fourth largest in the world. It holds a capacity of 98,787 people,
La Masia is a training center in FC Barcelona and it's also home to hundred of young people. At La Masia they receive a great education including soccer and other sport skills. The young ones are told how a Barca player should play and act.
La Masia has produced amazing players like, Guillermo Amor to Pep Guardiola, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, and even Leo Messi. Seventeen out of the twenty five players in the first Barca team are all part of La Masia.
Statistics of FCB
Spanish League
Europe Champions League
Spanish Cup
Played 25 games & 19 won (2 draw & 4 lost)
Position #2
15 goals conceded (0.6 per game)
14 clean sheets
3 penalties conceded
518 tackles & 394 won
2,642 duels & 1,456 won
489 Aerial duels & 255 won
88% Passing Accuracy
683.4 Passes per 90 mins
66.5% Successful Long Passes
70% Average Possession
365 Fouls won & 249 Conceded
Cards: 44 Yellow & 1 Red
7 games played & 7 won
4 goals conceded (0.6 per game)
4 clean sheets
1 penalty conceded
148 tackles & 118 won
798 duels & 461 won
159 Aerial duels & 84 won
87.7% Passing Accuracy
671.6 Passes per 90 mins
74.5% Successful long passes
71% Average possession
90 Fouls won & 62 conceded
Cards: 8 Yellow & 0 Red
Group Position #1
7 games played & 6 won
6 goals conceded
3 clean sheets
0 penalties conceded
139 tackles & 106 won
787 duels & 423 won
153 Aerial duels & 76 won
72.1 successful long passes
89.9% passing accuracy
725.3 passes per 90 mins
65% Average possession
89 fouls won & 71 conceded
Cards: 9 Yellow & 1 Red
Westward Expansion~Rewards
Farmland: great fertile soil, flat land, mild climate, & plenty of rain fall. They used all of this to have grow the crops they need. All of this were a huge help on growing the crops. Parts like the fertile soil and all of the rain fall.
Better Economy helped the industry grow, increased exports, better stability was provided, & food surplus. More people had food for a year and they didn't go hungry over night or during winter.
Abundant Resources timber, limestone, water resources, salt, different metals. All of these resources were useful in many ways. People needed water especially to survive. They would try to mine more resources to become more rich and wealthy. They would use all the resources they found to give their families a better life.
Westward expansion created a change in lifestyle and in culture. Since their where Native Americans & Mexicans living in the west, the Americans would trade and work stuff out them. The Americans learned new traditions and the culture both sides went by.
Better opportunities for the people who traveled west. They would have better opportunities because when they traveled west they were getting a new fresh start in their lives. The government was also far away from them so the people could do things that they couldn't do with the government closer
Negative Effects
Westward Expansion Negative Effects
People such as indians were not treated right and kicked out. White people were faced with problems because they wanted the land and since native americans were living there they couldn't do anything with the land.

Andrew Jackson played a big role in acquiring the indian land. 46,000 were removed and the Andrew Jackson administration gained 25 million acres. Jackson's attitude towards the native americans was to gain land no matter what he had to go through.

Most Native Americans would move voluntarily because in most cases they would get killed by the Americans. Even though they would move voluntarily most would still die due to the cold weather they had to go through.
Since Suarez left Liverpool, they haven’t been having a good season so far
Real Madrid used to be the leader of the Spanish League, until they lost against Athletic Bilbao. And FCB went to the top of the table after their incredible win against Rayo. and they are now in the lead #hahamadrid <—— no good
Some teams might be intimidated by them because Barca has amazing players and they are feared by many

Their are many soccer played that would like to play with Barcelona, but they might not be good enough as a player.

fcb is the leader of La Liga in Spain so far. Its hard for the teams who have been eliminated and are towards the bottom of the table to reach barcelona who is #1 right now with a total of 62 points
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