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Water pollution

No description

Paulius Maciulevičius

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Water pollution

Water pollution
Water pollution is a very serious problem nowadays. There are not any totally clean water reservoirs in our world today. In polluted water die animals and plants. Furthermore people and animals can not drink it.
Do you know, what causes water pollution ?
Water pollution
What is water ?
Water is a colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid. We use water to drink and wash ourselves. Also water is used in industry . What is more, water is used to produce electricity : it turns turbines in water power stations . This colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid is an inherent part of this world.
Spilled oil and its products...
...pollutes the water too. Oil spills in the sea when the ship expands or have a serious accident. When oil is in the water is makes air - impermeable skin, so water animals can not breath and die .
...pollute the water too. Many humans drop various litters in the water, because it is an easier way to rid litter, than bring them to the bin .
Polluted lake
Factories, cities and industry...
... causes the most water pollution. Factories, industry and cities pours about one million liters of contaminated water to water reservoirs in a day.
What is the effect of polluting water for ...
...people ?
People can not drink polluted water because it is very poisonous and also people can not swim in it .
...water fauna ?
Animals, which live in polluted water die, because they can not survive in so dirty water without oxygen.
Project was made by :
Paulius Maciulevičius,
Dominykas Rimdeika,
Domantas Melys.

Some solutions to stop water pollution.
Solution No.1
Firstly the government should build more water cleaning machines, to clean water, because just 22 % of contaminated water from cities is totally cleaned.
Solution No.2
Secondly, the government should reduce oil transporting by seas and oceans. Then it will be lesser accidents of oil tankers .
Solution No.3
Finally, the government should build more bins near water reservoirs, especially in the parks near lakes or rivers. Then humans drop litter into bin instead of dropping them to water.
Thank you for your attention
In water live many aquatic animals : fish, turtles, mussels and many more . If the water is polluted all of the aquatic animals die, because they can not live in very polluted water.
What lives in the water ?
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