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Comparative text response CAT: preparation lesson 1

No description

Liam Brooks

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of Comparative text response CAT: preparation lesson 1

Recommended structure for comparative text response
Sample body paragraph
Resources to help you prepare for the CAT
1. TEEL structure explanation sheet.

2. Template sentences for comparison and contrast of both texts.

3. Study guides/summaries of both texts, including quotes to be used as textual evidence.

4. Official notes sheet to be used during the actual CAT.

Next two lessons:
Preparing your official notes sheet using the above resources to help you. Suggested first step: Read the study guides for both texts.
Official note sheet
Comparative text response CAT:
preparation lesson 1

LI: To understand the requirements of the comparative text response CAT and know how to structure it.

SC: Students will be able to articulate the recommended structure for the comparative text response CAT.
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