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Navigating the Social Network of

No description

Kelley Dutra

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Social Network of

William Shakespeare

1. Create iMovie Trailer


2. Discuss final

Twelfth Night
Gender and Class Roles
Universal Themes in
Twelfth Night
The Art of Wooing
Love Triangle
Use the summary and the
dramatis personae
list to fill in the character list, map, and love triangle.
Character Maps
Navigating the Social Network of
Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT
Plot Diagram
Watching and reading the play
The Art of Wooing
In this lesson we will . . .

analyze main events in
Twelfth Night
by writing scene summaries and discussing ideas.
Analyze similarities and differences in the movie adaptation of
She's the Man
Many characters cross-dress and jump social class in the play.
Lies and Deceit
The story of Twelfth Night hinges on lies and trickery.
These are actions that were looked down upon during Shakespeare's time.
Today (and throughout history), we see many stories about changing identities, defying gender roles, and ascending/descending social classes.
Characters use deceit to achieve their personal ambitions (goals).
Today (and throughout history), we see many stories about lying to achieve a goal.

Lord Andrew Agucheek
Watch and follow along in your text!
Exposition: the introduction to characters, setting, and conflict.

The lovers: Duke Orsino,
Olivia, Viola/Cesario
Each lover's love is not returned.
The point of greatest suspense. The outcome of the conflict becomes clear.
Rising action:
Each lover confesses his or her love.
Woo: to try to make someone love you.
Turn to your partner.
Say to him or her: "I will woo you!"
Tell him or her:
"You are looking chipper today!"
"I'm glad you're here."
But really ....
"What a nice looking shirt!"
The Art of Wooing
Read through the list of 17th century pick-up lines.
Try a couple out on your partner.
Remember... don't be bashful, it's just a game!
"Translate" 2 pick-up lines into 21st century English.
Would they woo anyone these days? Why? What is it that ACTUALLY makes a person fall in love? Words? Looks? Personality? Explain why.
Maria and the others devise a plan to humiliate Malvolio.
Theme Tracking
Gender roles
Viola dresses as a man and acts as a page to the Duke.
Gender Roles
Olivia decides to woo Cesario.
Act 1, scene 5, lines ????
(Look it up!)
Act 1, scene 2, lines ???
Theme Tracking
Lies and deceit
Act 2, scene 5 lines ???
What are cross-gartered yellow stockings?
Maria and the others are tricking Malvolio.
Character Found Poem
What is a found poem?
A found poem is a poem that is made up entirely out of words that you have found in text. You don't write anything!
Your task: Create a found poem that describes one character's personality and/or situation in
Twelfth Night
Duke Orsino
, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Feste, Maria
Example of found poem in this classroom:
Uniquely portable magic.
The future belongs to those
Dreaming with open eyes.
Relevant. Universal.
Tip: make your poem connect. (not just random lines)
Twelfth Night
Navigating the love triangle.
Olivia, Viola, Orsino, Cesario.
Universal themes.
Lies and deceit.
Tips on where to look:
Olivia: Act 1 scene 5, Act 3 scene 4

Viola: Act 1 scene 1, Act 2 scene 4

Malvolio: Act 2 scene 5, Act 3 scene 4

Duke Orsino: Act 1 scene 2, Act 1 scene 4

Cesario is mistaken for Sebastian and is challenged by Sir Andrew.
Olivia mistakes Sebastian for Cesario and they plan to be married.
Gender Roles
Olivia proposes marriage to Cesario (Sebastian)
Act 4 scene 3 lines???
Lies and Deceit
Sebastian knows Olivia thinks he's Cesario, but he lets her believe it so she will marry him.
Act 4 scene 1 lines ??? OR
Act 4 scene 3 lines ???

(when he wonders if he is dreaming)
Sebastian and Viola are re-united.
Malvolio is freed.
Viola is revealed as a woman.
Toby and Maria are married.
Duke Orsino agrees to marry Viola after she puts women's clothes on again.
They all live happily ever after.
Falling action:
eases suspense. We see how the conflict is solved.
Reveals the final outcome.
All loose ends are tied up.
Rising action: Suspense begins to build. Conflict becomes very clear.
Falling action:
Sebastian and Viola tell their stories and resume their original identities as brother and sister.
Applying Drama Terms to
Twelfth Night
Using your drama notes, work with one or two partners to complete your worksheet.
Your test tomorrow will look VERY SIMILAR to this, so it is in your best interest to complete it to the best of your ability.
Why is it important to study Shakespeare?
Do you think the people in the interviews made valid points? What is YOUR opinion on the topic? Consider your own experiences with Shakespeare.
Twelfth Night Movie Trailer
You are now a hit film artist! Hollywood is making a new movie adaptation of Shakespeare's
Twelfth Night.
You are being hired to film it!

Use one of the trailer templates from iMovie on your iPads.
The trailer must generally follow the same plot line as the Shakespeare play.
(Some creative alterations are encouraged)
You may use images from online or personal photos and videos.

How you'll be graded:
Accuracy of adaptation of play
(Is it too unlike the play?)
Accuracy of photos/videos/words to represent the storyline.
(Are they actually pictures and videos that could represent the storyline or are they just random selfies?)

Your task: Create a movie trailer on iMovie with a partner or on your own for an adaptation of
Twelfth Night.
Your Final
Will be given in 2 parts
Part 1: Playbills
You will be producing a playbill of Twelfth Night in class. It will include:
Playbill cover
Summaries of each scene
Images where appropriate
"About the Playwrite" (Shakespeare Bio)
Reviews (Your opinion on it and why)
Part 2: Multiple Choice Test
This test will be given on the final day for this class.
It will be semi-short (about 30 questions) and will be on information from this semester only.
A study guide will be given to you.
Little or no class time will be spent on review or studying.
When looking for pictures online
, select "View Image", then hold your finger on the image until a menu comes up and you can save your image.
Don't take too much class time to select a template.
Sometimes professionally done photos are better at expressing an idea.
Some apps have free video clips to download.
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