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Winning Hand 2017

No description

deborah gibbs

on 15 November 2018

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Transcript of Winning Hand 2017

Work placements and employability skills:

Age of students: 14-19
maturity is assumed

Size of the school: Max. 300 students, we really
get to know
our students quickly. Our school is a family

Class size: Max 22 in the core subjects, we
encourage innovation
in teaching and provide individual support

Relationships with students and parents: Stronger and more
collaborative and informative

STEM: STEM focus in the curriculum and work placements with
passionate staff

Expectations: Extremely high expectations both in and outside lessons. Students supported to achieve
very high individual target grades

Personal coaching: To
unlock potential,
challenge, support and inspire

Work load
: Greater at Yr 10-11 and 12-13, fewer "frees" for Sixth Form students , shorter lunchtime.
What is different?
Local and national picture of skills shortages and:
Please enjoy this evening , talk to teachers and students - ask questions, visualise yourself as a student at IKB:
Next Steps
The Winning Hand at IKB
Year 11
"Vacancies go unfilled because employers can’t find workers with the right skills -
Employers Skills Survey 2015 UK Commission
Study and employablilty skills are at the heart of the curriculum at IKB
Independent, ambitious and resilient learners
20% of people in the UK workforce need scientific knowledge and training to do their current jobs. – (Royal Society)

At present not enough young people leave school or college with the numeracy and maths skills they need for work and life. - (CBI)

Complete an enquiry form (in the booklet) or an application form (here tonight, on the website or at reception)
25 Applications have already been made for Year 10 - we only have 60 places. Deadline for applications is the 31st August if over subscribed on this date admissions criteria will be applied
Fantastic results:
100% Pass rate in all GCSEs and Btecs
100% Pass rate in all separate sciences
Every student achieved at least one B grade (or equivalent)
in GCSEs/Btecs
2/3 of all students achieved at least one grade A
Success across all ability ranges - a school for all students:
Tom - Grade 9 in maths, 2 A*, 1 A, 5B
Azam - 2 A*, 2 A, 4B
Owen - 1A*, 5A, 3B
Sam - 4A, 4B

IKB students achieve better grades than similar students in other schools - Progress score approx +1/3 grade
Year 13
Pass rate in all the academic A level sciences
pass rate in the practical A level subjects
pass rate in all the Level 3 Btecs
50% of all Level 3 Btec grades at D*D* (equivalent to 2 A*grades)
79% of all students gained at least one A* or A grade in A levels/Btecs, 58% achieved 2 of these top grades.
Imogen - Liverpool University - Engineering
Rimsha - Reading University - Pharmacy
Dan - Degree Apprenticeship - Computing
Jack - Portsmouth University - Accountancy
Others: Government and Law, Variety of Engineering degrees: design; motor sport; marine; aerospace.

Qualifications are changing and we need to train and support our students to be succesful in the new reformed GCSEs and A level subjects
Year 10 = 3 week blocks, Dec, March and July
Year 12 = One day a week Nov - May
Applications for Year 12 are beginning to come in we have places for 90 students, however IKB Year 11 are guaranteed a place (45 students), early application from external candidates (By 28th Feb 2018) is advised and if over subscribed admission criteria will apply.
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