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No description

Makayla Klumpyan

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Gangs Types Typical Activites Notable History Street Crime Extrotion-stealing money or items. Drug Traffiking- distributing drugs. Murdering-killing a person. Others-victimize, kidnap, rob,mug,jump,and fight with oters. Drug gangs Street gangs Terrorist Juvenile gangs Prision gangs Snoop Dogg-Rollin 20 Crips Jesse James-James-Younger gang Bonnie and Clyde-Barrow gang Sardinian Kidnappers Mexican and Colombian drug cartels Black gangs not recogniced until the great mirgration of 1910 First record of gang-1783 More violent then 30-40 years ago Created as a protection method There were even Native American gangs Signs and signals Drugs and drinking Members usally join between 11-24 Graffiti
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