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Some views of language and language learning

No description

Yuhei Namiki

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Some views of language and language learning

MOMOKO FUKUCHI SOME VIEWS OF LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGE LEARNING OUT LINE 1. Structural Linguistics 2. Behaviorism An Interview with Katy Perry The Socialinguistic
Revolution Misunderstanding between teacher and pupils An Example of Sociolinguistic Approach 1. Structural Linguistics C. The importance of ‘environment’ B. Habit formation A. Conditioning 2. Behaviorism B. Leonard Bloomfield A. Ferdinand de Saussure - Focuses on the underlying system
of language. - Examine how the elements of
language relate to each other. A. Ferdinand de Saussure 1. Structural Linguistics Competence and Performance The number of 'ums' and 'ahs' Straight request
Command Thank you for listening! Yuhei/Sonoka/Momoko Chomsky's idea Ideal speaker-listener Dell H. Hymes Interested in disadvantaged children Not ideal speaker-listener 'Communicative competence' Since World War Two Bezirk Oberwart Hymes's factors The possible
The feasible
The performed
The appropriate The appropriate Rola and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi A. Ferdinand de Saussure 1. Structural Linguistics B. Leonard Bloomfield - 'Parole'......instances of language use 1. Structural Linguistics A. Ferdinand de Saussure Speech, sentence...... - breaking up into segment

(words, phonemes, morphemes) - classifying into categories

(nouns, adjectives, adverbs) 1. Structural Linguistics B. Leonard Bloomfield Please discuss in your group and
give some examples 1. Structural Linguistics The answer... 'forbidden activity' - Aims >>>>> 'Scientific' approach Conclusion Examples of sociolinguistic approach Behaviourist


The sociolinguistic revolution - What's 'scientific'? - Structural Linguistics - Behaviorism Observable, physical - how learning took place. - how people learn something A. Conditioning ~Pavlov and the dribbling dogs ~ 2. Behaviorism DISCUSSION - HOW DO PEOPLE USE THIS
SITUATION? - EXAMPLE? <Unconditioned reflex> Pavlov and the dribbling dogs Pavlov and the dribbling dogs <Learning situation> LOOK!! PAGE: 43
BOX: 3.5 "How to teach a pigeon to play table
tennis, in five easy lessons" 2. Behaviorism B. Habit formation
~Skinner and the sporty pigeons~ <Learning situation> - Repeat sentences again and again become "Habit" C. The importance of the 'environment'
~writing on a 'clean state'~ 2. Behaviorism EMPIRICISM CONCLUSION STRUCTURAL
LINGUISTICS BEHAVIORISM <Observable, Physical> Works Cited Dell, Hymes. "On Communicative Competence" Garden of Eden view - 'Langue'......structure of the language using words that are defined events that apply to everyone 1928~
linguist,thinker,philosopher... Chomsky Discussion! How do children
learn language? Plato's problem An example of sociolinguistic Approach Person A Students Do you have similar experience? Why do you think it happened? Sandra,Savignon. Communicative competence:Theory and Classroom Practice: Texts and Contents in Second Language Learning How human beings who are in the limited world can get more than knowledge and experience. some problems...

* how judge right from wrong
* how understand perfect from part data
* how estimate rule of grammar conclusion Chomsky Skinner STUDY UG Language Acquisition 4 linguistic problems by Chomsky 1. How input language

2. How acquire language

3. How use language

4. What structure of brain which treat language LAD Language Acquisition Device (LAD) - a powerful piece of machinery
- the ability people can acquire L1
- blueprint Structural Linguistics VS Transformational Linguistics Conflict 2 Environment VS Organism Conflict 1 <Environment> <Organism> LAD
UG <Structural Linguistics> - John is easy to please - John is eager to please Structural Linguistics VS Transformational Linguistics Conflict 2 <Transformational Linguistics> - John is easy to please - It is easy to please John 1. Behaviorism VS Mentalism 2. Structural Linguistics VS Transformational Linguistics
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