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Cell Farm Analogy

No description

Kealee Sturkey

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Cell Farm Analogy

Cell Farm Analogy
The mitochondria makes the ATP(energy) for the cell.
The wind mill makes the power for the farm.
The ribosomes produces the cell's proteins
The farm in general produces many things such as fruits, veggies, and other animal products.
The nucleus contains most of the genetic info for the cell.
The farmer's house contains the farmer so it is our nucleus.
The nucleolus is in the nucleus and makes the ribosomes.
The farmer lives in the house and he makes the farm continue to work.
The truck is our E.R. because it moves the farmer around the cell.
The E.R. moves molecules around the cell and some parts make lipids.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi processes and packages proteins. It also modifies proteins for export by using vesicles.
The market is like the Golgi because it modifies and packages the produce.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is the boundary of the cell and controls what enters and exits the cell.
The fence is the membrane because it controls what comes and goes in the farm.
Cell Wall
The cell wall is a rigid protective barrier that supports the cell and plant.
The gate is like the cell wall because its located outside the cell also.
Located outside the cell.
Contains digestive enzymes that digest proteins, carbs., lipids, DNA, RNA and sometimes old organelles, viruses, and bacteria that were ingested.
The composite bins/ dumpsters are like the lysosomes because they get rid of unwanted trash and junk.
It uses light energy to make sugar (glucose from carbon dioxide and water). Contains own DNA and chlorophyll. Where photosynthesis happens.
The crops and animals are like the chloroplast. They produce money like the chloroplast produces sugar; both are vital in surviving.
The cytoskeleton is made up of 3 parts: microfilaments, microtubules, and intermediate fibers. Helps hold everything together.
The nails and screws are like the cytoskeleton because they hold everything together.
Contains water, salts, and other materials. Organelles float within the jelly-like structure.
The farm land is like the cytoplasm because it holds everything on it.
A large membrane bound compartment that stores water, ions, nutrients, and waste. When it's filled its rigid when it's not it wilts.
The barn is like a vacuole because it stores things in it too.
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