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No description

morgan murray

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Vampires

VAMPIRES Types of Vampires TWO THREE Sanguine Vampires (Blood Drinkers) ONE
2. PSI Vampires (Energy Feeders)
3. Empathic Vampires (Emotional Leeches) FOUR Dreamscape Vampires (Threw Dreams) Early History And Myths Vampires cannot cross running water streams or rivers. If you wish to stop a vampire from following you, drop a handful of poppy seeds they will stop and count them all The first vampire was named Ambrogio Ambrogio was an Italian-born adventure Artemis blessed him with imartality and hunting/agility skills If you are born with red hair and/or teeth you are considered a vampire CREATION OF NEW VAMPIRES Bite from a vampire, they become one
The bitten must drink the joined blood given to them
In some cases born a vampire Powers! Mesmerization with eyes Improved senses
(seeing, smelling and hearing) Improved speed (Moderate) Flying/Levitation Stillness/Making no sound Waking when threatened Weaknesses
Sliver and blessed steal
Can't enter a house not invited to
O.C.D Causes of Death 1. 2. 3. 4. 3. DECAPITATION A Real Historical Vampire Who: Vlad Tepes What:
Vampire, nicknamed Vlad the Impaler (Impaled victims on stakes When:
Born 1431
Till 1476 FUN FACT:
Vlad had his stakes arranged in geometric patterns Work Sited

1. http://vampirewebsite.net/


3. Youtube
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