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Foreign Policies of the Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson Administration

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NightSnow Vogt

on 2 January 2016

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Transcript of Foreign Policies of the Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson Administration

Foreign Policies of the Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson Administration
-All presidents desired to establish the United States as more of a super power and increase American commerce in foreign countries.

Foreign Policy
-Roosevelt wanted to keep peace among other nations and serve as a mediator while maintaining a public image of a superpower ("Big Stick")

-Taft wanted to heavily develop foreign markets in poorer countries for American business ("Dollar Diplomacy")

-Wilson was more concerned with the morality of American influence on foreign nations and strove to remain neutral in foreign conflict ("Moral Diplomacy")
Foreign Policy
Latin American Policies
-Both Roosevelt and Taft sided with the insurgents in their revolutions (Panama and Nicaragua).

-Both Roosevelt and Taft supported the Latin American countries for the United States' financial benefits.
Latin American Policies
-While Roosevelt and Taft supported the rebels, Wilson did not acknowledge leaders of Mexico that rose to power from violent actions.

-Roosevelt wanted Panama freed so he could easily build the Panama Canal, while Taft wanted Nicaragua to represent America's democratic government.
-The Presidents preceding World War I attempted to revise the marketing system of the time to limit the abuses of power by the bigger corporations with various methods of achieving this goal.

-All three presidents recognized the importance of establishment and maintenance of the US as a world power, but had slightly different visions on how to obtain this dominance.
-Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson foreign policies that had similarities and differences.
Foreign Interventions by President:

Theodore Roosevelt:
Panama Revolution (1903) -- Panama Canal
Dominican Republic (1905) -- Debt, German intervention
Cuba (1906) -- Revolutionary upheaval

William Taft:
Nicaragua (1912) -- Revolutionary upheaval

Woodrow Wilson:
Mexico (1914) -- Arrested American sailors
Haiti (1915) -- Revolutionary upheaval
Dominican Republic (1916) -- Coup d'etat
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