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No description

emely ramos

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of After

Minor Characters
(Tessa's Mom)
Minor Characters
Niall Horan...........
Minor Characthers
Steph (Tessa's Roommate)
By Rebecca Sky

Harold Styles (Harry)
Louis Tomlinson
(Harry's Friend).....
Zayn Malik
.....(Harry's Friend)
Liam Payne (Tessa's Friend)
Noah Poter (Tessa's Ex)
Jace (Harry's friend)
Molly (Harry's one night stand)
Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.
Harry Styles
Harry styles is a punkish/rockish kind of boy. He is a sophomore in college. Harry is a player he always says that he will never date untill he met Tessa he hated her at first but then he falls in love with her but he just doesn't want to tell her.
Hate at first sight
Harry and Tessa first meet at Tessa's dorm. Harry was there because he is "friends' with Tessa's roommate. Tessa jugded him by his looks.Tessa's mom was there and she told Tessa to stay away from him so she listened.
The Party
Tessa's roommate invites her to a pary and Tessa hesitantly says yes she is scared but Steph told her she would be by her side.At the party Tessa sees Harry and ask Steph why he is here Steph told her that hes here because it's his Frat house and he's the host.
Tessa is at the party and it's getting late so she ask Steph to bring her back but Steph was drunk and Tessa didn't know how to drive. Harry heard about her situation and offers her to stay at the frat house.Tessa says yes.Harry ask her if she would like to watch a movie with him she says yes halfway threw the movie Harry was drunk and didnt know what he was doing and he kissed her. Tessa felt a spark but in her head she was thinking about Noah her boyfriend.
The next day Tessa felt guilty for kissing Harry. She told herself that she would avoid him and never speak of it. But for Tessa that was hard to do she has been secretly meeting Harry and hooking up with him.Steph finds out and she was mad she told Tessa to not trust Harry and to stay away from him because she has a boyfriend but Tessa doesn't listen and still meeting Harry
Tessa felt that she should put a stop to cheating on Noah so she breaks up with Noah. Tessa thought in her head that Harry loved her until she saw Harry getting real close to Molly at a party.Tessa was furious and left Harry but then she forgave him.Harry thought it was a right time to introduce Tessa to his friends so he did but Harry soon regret that when Tessa and Zayn were getting real close.
Harry was mad but he shook it off because he was hiding something from her and he knew if he told Zayn to stay away from here that Zayn would tell Tessa Harry's secret so Harry kept quite.
Harry and Tessa soon move in together. But once Harry thought him and Tessa were doing okay he saw Jace his friend talking to Tessa he saw Tessa run with tear streaming down her face and he knew the secret was out.
Harry ran to Jace and yelled at him Harry demanded Jace to tell him what he told Tessa and Jace told him what he said
Jace told Harry that he told Tessa that Harry was just dating Tessa for a bet to see if he can make her lose her virginity to him. Harry knew that it was true but Harry forgot about the bet and deeply loves her and that he didnt mean to hurt her.
It took Harry 3 weeks to find Tessa but he remembered her saying that Liam Payne was her best friend and he thought she must be there so he went and found her there. Liam opened the door to find Harry with tears and Liam let him in. Liam told him what room Tessa was in and he walked in to find her asleep
Harry woke her up and Tessa looked at him and he saw the pain in her eye and the betrayal Harry confessed that the bet was true but he didn't care about it Harry begged and begged until he told her that he loves her the frown on her face went to a smile because Harry never told anyone that he loves them. and they got back together
''Im not sure if i want him to go or stay, I have a boyfriend but i feel that Harry is the one'', says Tessa
I think that the broken heart represents all the times that Harry hurt Tessa but little by little he was putting the pieces back together
Book Rating
I give this book five stars
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