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Umbrella Summer

realistic fiction project

davero maucipri

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Umbrella Summer

Author: Lisa Craff
By:Daniela M.
Main Character: Annie
Annie's BFF is Rebecca they love
playing and laughing.Rebecca loves
her hamster Fuzzby and haunted houses.
A new neighbor comes to town
she is Mrs.Finch an old lady who
they say lives in a "haunted house".
Mrs.Finch helps Annie realize she needs to close
her umbrella and stop being afraid
so she can step once again into
the sunshine and be free from worries.
She also helps her get her
BFF back. Everything is ok at the end
Annie understands that she doesnt need
to spend time worrying.
Annie is a girl who
worries to much.
She has been extra
careful with not getting
hurt ever since her brother
She worries about....
Getting stung by a bee!
Getting cancer!
Breaking a leg or arm.
Or even getting one little paper cut!
she thinks she might get
these things because of a
book she borrowed (stole).
Annie goes visit Mrs.Finch
she meets a new nighbor.
Annie really likes Mrs.Finch
they get to know eachother....
But Mrs.Finch realizes some
"worries " Annie has. Annie
also sais she is in a fight with
If i could spend one day
with Annie I would...
Im Annie's friend and me and her
just had the best time today. We went
to Mrs.Finch house since i know she loves
it there. Mrs.Finch made us tea it was
delicious. Annie and her taught me how
to play a card game. It was so much fun
who ever won got gummy worms yumm!!
She showed me around the house it was
pretty old but not enough to be haunted.
After the tour we baked cookies Annie
couldn't wait for them to be finished.
So meanwhile she taught me about some
rare diseases in her big green book. It was
kinda wierd but when the cookies were done
they were soft and chewy!! After that we played
go fish by trading pennies!!! Then we left on our
bikes back to Annie's house it was the best day ever
I will never forget it ! :)

by:Lisa Craff
Every morning she goes to
the store on her bike to buy
band-aids to put all around
her body so she won't get hurt
going anywhere.
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