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Colonia Dignidad

No description


on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Colonia Dignidad

Paul Schafer's Colonia Dignidad
Colonia Dignidad
Connection with Pinochet Regime
An Excavation cite in Colonia Dignidad where investigators have dug up areas in search of mass graves, documents and the remains of vehicles belonging to political dissendents that dissapeared durrng Pinochet's regime.
Paul Schaeffer
After Schaefer Fled
Inside the colony
The communal dining hall that was turned into a public restaurant.
"There fearful worldview was heightened by their isloation, their only source of information about the outside world was faked television news spliced together from old footage, depicting a world overcome by war, famine, and death.
* Shown above, a door to a hidden tunnel connecting a guards post to a nearby forest. Used by few colonos who managed to escape alive.
A potato warehouse used in the 1970's to torture political prisoners.
The Women's dormitory that was tunred into a hotel for tourists.
Lives of the Colonos
Primary Research
Insert Video
Thank you
My parents
Dr. Broadhead
Tech Crew
Mr. Barrett & Mrs Little
The Class of 2017
Works Cited
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who built a paedophile paradise in the sun"
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