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Causes of The Civil War

No description

Logan Wall

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Causes of The Civil War

Kansas Nebraska Act
Causes of The Civil War
Uncle Tom's Cabin
In 1820 the Missouri Act was issued which ruled out slavery
34 years later the Kansas Nebraska Act was issued which brought slavery back into the states
This angered abolitionist
This led to violence between Kansas citizens over the slavery issue
South Carolina Secedes
When Abraham Lincoln was elected President the southerners thought the government was getting too powerful
They didn't think the government should tell them how to live
if they stayed they thought the northerners would control them
South Carolina was the first to leave the Union
Lincoln Elected President
President in 1860 (16th President)
First Republican to win
gained his fame from his loss in a run for senate
He only received 40% of popular vote, but handily defeated the three other candidates.
When he was elected the nation was falling apart because of the issues of slavery
Compromise of 1850
It was a variation of bills that were passed related to slavery.
Permitted California as a free state
Utah and New Mexico were separated into two states without restriction of slavery
A novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852.
Showed the American people how evil slavery was
This piece angered the Northerners on the issue of slavery

Confederacy Forms
When South Carolina left they called themselves the Confederate States of America
Soon after, other southern states followed and parted from America
The northern states were then called The Union
Lincoln fought to keep the southern states part of the US
This was the last step before the Civil war
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