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No description

Emerald Eaton

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Success

Success : ) Goals? Success? Failure? What is Success?! (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr What is failure? Low standards of learning
not meeting goals Dropping out of what you desire
Having a negative attitude Repeating everyday choices that come out wrong
Not giving it your all What are some obstacles to goals? Homework
Negative environment Negative language
depressions Failure w/ grade of simply choices made in life Emerald's Goals get a degree in dental hygenistry
stay close to relatives
get a nice car
get married
have kids
staying faith-based Te'Shira's Goals Who or what helps you on your path to success or goals? Parents Family Believing in yourself Tutoring, and college programs Loved ones Bestfriends Grandparents achieving your goals
being the best you can be
getting beyond average doing well in your career

being where you want to be in life What do you truly need in life? Friends Happiness Knowledge Love get good grades
get accepted into college
have children
get married What do you want in/from/out of life? Be successful
nice car
nice house
a family Knowledge
money A dream job
Good finances Having parents Knowing right from wrong Staying away from a bad environment
Setting Boundaries How do you, as an adolscent, balance your wants and your needs? Reflection time We have learned more about what we want in life, now that we have it in visuals.
There are plenty of goals that we have taken a step in to being successful
We also learned that projects take alot of time, and patience.
You can not be a procrastinator with projects, because if so you will not have a pleasant grade, and it becomes stressful
We have opened our eyes to more opportiunites in being succesful
Now, we can take a step further in our education by having our goals already set and ready to achieve.
Having more than one person helping you in accomplishing what you need to do is better than you alone.
It helped us to be more inspired in having knowledge so we can go far.
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