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LawCareers.Net Employability: How MyLC.N can help

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LawCareers .Net

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of LawCareers.Net Employability: How MyLC.N can help

Component parts
Core editorial content
- Topics range from your first steps in the law to career paths and life as a solicitor or barrister.

Dynamic content
- news, features, etc (incl LC.N Weekly).

Employer and education provider directories and deadlines
- Details of around 1,000 firms, 200 chambers and 100 course providers are searchable under key criteria.

- A free personal account where every LawCareers.Net user can save and manage their research.

Record and analyse experiences and achievements to present to employers.
What is it?
LawCareers.Net is a one-stop, comprehensive resource designed to assist candidates aiming to enter the legal profession.

Mission statement
“If it’s not on LawCareers.Net, it’s not worth knowing.”

What are candidates’ biggest failings?
Managing and recording research.

Volume of information to digest and process. Starting early.

Understanding what employers are looking for.

Analysing what they have done and how this relates to what employers are looking for.


How MyLC.N can help

LawCareers.Net is cited in more applications than any other resource in its market.*  

*Apply4Law analysis of 80+ firms recruiting in 2012-13.
Build up individual records for each employer you are interested in.

Save and set reminders for work placement/training contract deadlines and diary events.

Save news stories and articles relevant to your job search.
Record personal data for quick transfer to firm application forms.
MySelf experience form
You also need to research yourself; MySelf is the place to record and analyse what you have done. This forms the basis of the evidence you will be using in your application.
MySelf overview hub
Analysed experiences are grouped together in a grid to allow you to quickly see where your strengths and weaknesses are.
My LC.N is a free personal account where every LawCareers.Net user can save and manage their research.
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