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Women's Soccer Rights

By Charlie Black

Madeleine Student

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Women's Soccer Rights

Current Event:
Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, and Becky Sauerbrunn filed a federal complaint that they were paid less than the men soccer players.
They filed the complaint on behalf of the US women's soccer team.
US soccer was not pleased with the complaint.
Their argument:
My Opinion
I think that the women soccer players should be paid more equally to men soccer players.
Pay should be based more on how hard a team works, a team's success and their ability to raise money, not on gender.
I think we should stand up against this form of discrimination and work to end it.
I feel it is important for all of God's people to have equal rights in wages and other things.
The Bigger Issue
The issue of equal pay between men and women athletes is being played out in women's tennis and basketball as well as soccer.
Discrimination can take many different forms and gender discrimination is one of them.
The women's soccer issue is just an example of a larger national problem of equal pay between men and women.
Male athletes are paid more than women athletes.
In the past, people explained that the reason for this was men's sports receive more attention and money.
Women soccer players are paid 40% of men soccer players.
Women Soccer Players Fight Discrimination
By Charlie Black
The 5 players argued that the US women's soccer team was more successful than the men's team.
As an example, they stated that the championship game last summer where they played Japan had 25.4 million viewers.
This was a record for both men's and women's US soccer.
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