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Plant Cell- like a Castle

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Simran Birla

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell- like a Castle

The Nucleus
The nucleus is like the king in a castle, because it controls all the functions of a cell. Because, it stores the DNA, which directs the formation of all the cells proteins. Similar to the king in a castle who controls the whole castle's functions and gets the powers from his ancestors
The Cell Wall and Cell membrane control what comes in and out of the cell. Similar to the security guards in a castle, they control who comes in and out of the castle.
The Mitochondria is like the kitchen in a castle, because it produces ATP for the cell, which acts a source of stored energy.
Golgi Appartus
The golgi apparatus processes, sorts and delivers proteins in a plant cell. In a castle, this is similar to a chef. He makes the food and delivers it to the people.
The Parts of a Plant Cell
A vacuole stores liquids and other salts for a plant. Similarly, a storage room in a castle stores all the peoples' requirements.
The chloroplast gives the plant its green color, and helps the plant photosynthesize. Similarly, the garden, which is also green.
The lysosomes take out the wastes in a plant. Similarly, the maids of a castle take the waste out of the house and put it into the garbage.
The nucleolus in a plant cell makes ribosomes, which makes proteins. The factory which trains the workers for doing the actual work in the castle is similar to the nucleolus.
The endoplasmic reticulum is where proteins are transported from one part to the other. It is like the hallway in a castle because you can transport things from an hallway.
Cytoplasm helps the organelles to move around, and it controls all the functions. and it is a jelly-like substance. The water of the Island on the castle is the cytoplasm because it helps the castle stand.
The centrosome helps in cell division for the plant. The central wall of a castle, if you want to divide the castle into two parts.
Proteins do most of the work in the cells, and they give energy to the cell. It is like the food that the chefs make in a castle.
Cell Wall and Cell Membrance
The ribosomes make proteins in the cell. Similarly, the workers in the castle make foods in the kitchen.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Plant Cell- Like a Castle on an Island
By: Simran Birla
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