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Fact and Opinion

Group Project Final

Kim Campbell

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Fact and Opinion

Fact False Facts Deliberately intended to deceive
Not actually so, illusory True Facts Researched and proven
Observed in practice or operation Opinion Is subjective
Is created
Interprets reality
Cannot be verified
Presented with biased words Expert Opinion Training
Knowledge Informed Opinion Gathering and analyzing evidence and Is objective
Is discovered
States reality
Can be verified
Presented with unbiased words Why is this important? Understand
Evaluate By: Kim Campbell, Lysandra Slaven Maira Garcia & Fact and Opinion -Provable statements?

-Thoughts/Feelings? There are bodies of dead workers in the cement of The Hoover Dam. It took longer to build The Hoover Dam Bypass bridge than it did to build the dam. Lake Mead is the best lake.
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