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the US: gun culture

No description

Christina Mosdzin

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of the US: gun culture

Laws that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, modification, or use of firearms
Weak restrictions of gun control in US

There were 307 million people in the US in 2009
About 310 million civilian guns in 2009

gun control - activists:"
gun right hinders government to prevent crime and deaths
gun right increase the crime rate
gun culture in the US
evolution of gun culture
influence of gun culture to society
right to bear arms makes society feel save
fear of insecurity
many americans think, guns cause insecurity, but they don't stop buying some vicious circle
high gun-caused homicide rate
gun politics
United States Constitution; Second Amendment:
gun politics
gun rights
gun control
evolution of gun culture
gun license an buying
influence of gun culture to society
current incidents caused by guns
gun culture in Half Broke Horses
some facts
19th January, 2015
Presentation by Vivian & Christina
"A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
current incidents caused by guns
gun culture in "Half Broke Horses"
Hayden, December 2014: 2-year-old child shoots his mother with her gun in a grocery store
Toms River, April 2013: 4-year-old child shoots 6-year-old with a gun, which belongs to the parents of the 4-year-old
Sandy Hook Elementary School, December 2012, 20 year-old kills 20 schoolkids, 6 teachers, his mother and himself
gun control
pearl-handled sixshooter
Lily uses her gun just for protection or intimidation
Uncle Eli
firearms in terms of protection
Thanks a lot for your attention!
How to get a gun license and a gun??
differences by state
some facts
total number of guns, held by civilians, is 300.000.000
that makes 101 guns of 100 civilians
but only a third of the households has one or more
30.000 deaths every year are caused by guns
Half Broke Horses
gun rights
is the debate between gun control-activists and gun rights-activists
discussion of "how to interpret the gun law"
gun right - activists:"
in an extreme emergency, you have the opportunity to protect yourself
civilians are able to help
"if something is illegal, it gets more attractive."
gun control won't stop crime
"Prohibition did not stop alcohol… gun control won’t stop guns."
Can "Gun Control" make the community safer?
vicious circle - Teufelskreis
American society is split
Why is a copy of Little Red Riding Hood more dangerous than a gun?
The first settlers of America (the 17. century)

hunt for food
make money through the fur market
Protection from large predators and native peoples
Necessity of survival
"Rite of passage" for young men
feeling of security

The American Revolution (the 18. century)

an advantage for revolutionary ancestors
organized militia units
gun defeat tyranny
new law -> all free men of age to own a gun and ammunition for use in the militia

The civil war (the 19. century)

cheaper and more effective
advances in the civil rights movement
Black people fight in the Union Army
Allow to take rifles home for national emergency

Manifest Destiny

The classic image of the cowboy
the settlement of the west

Modern day (the 20. Century until today)

sport shooting, hunting, home protection, self-protection
NRA (The National Rifle Association)
Rite in US
Gun business

the Application Process
Personal Firearms Eligibility Check (PFEC) $20
Copy of your California Driver’s License or ID Card
Right thumbprint
Results back within 30 days
Take the Handgun Safety Test $25
(the 30-question handgun safety test Certificate
The 10-Day Waiting Process ( Backgrund check):
DROS (Dealer's Record of Sale )information
-> sent to the CA DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles), CA DOJ(Department of Justice), FBI NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System)

Your Personal Right to Bear Firearms:
American citizen
Age: 18 (for handgun must be 21)
clear background
no mental illness

proof of Lock
Return to the gun shop
Pay the rest money for the firearm
Buy bullets
Show your license
Now you are able to purchase your firearm

intimidation - Einschüchterung
militia - Bürgerwehr

to bear - tragen
arms - Waffen
to infringe - verstoßen
rite - Ritus, Zeremonie
rifle - Gewehr
December 14, 2012 the school massacre of Sandy Hook Elementary School
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