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3 People I Admire the Most

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mariam musallam

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of 3 People I Admire the Most

3 People I Admire the Most
Taylor Swift
I admire Taylor Swift because, she is 24 and still hasn't ruined her reputation like other *STARS*. Her characteristics are being humble, caring, loving, giving, sweet, and outgoing. Taylor insires me to be me self and to NEVER give up. She influences my life by, not letting me give up.
Why you should admire people?
You should admire people because, they can inspire you to do many things in life. Some of the things you have accomplished are because, of those that inspire you/you admire.
Katy Perry
I admire Katy Perry because, she inspires me to flow my dreams and be my self. Katy Perry is a celebrity. Katy Perry is also good influence on a lot of people because, she is basically telling them to be their selves and not like others. Katy Perry influenced me by allowing me not to trust people right away because, people will sometimes leave you like her ex-husband. She inspires people and me to follow are dreams like her. She is fun, a hard-worker and caring and tries to make everyone feel accepted and important, some of her songs have "Great" messages like Firework. But the main reason I admire her is because, she never gives up
My Mom
I admire my mom because, she has always been there for me. I also admire her because, she is my mom. My mom's characteristics are nice, strict, and caring. She inspires me to follow my dreams. My mom influences me by, making me nice and caring like her.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been through hard times in her life, but didn't give up that is why admire her because she inspires me to NEVER give up. Even though I don't like her anymore I think she is still a good person.
When I was 8 we went to a different country for vacation,I jumped of a building and broke my foot. They took me to a hospital and my mom stayed with me the whole time I was in the hospital. This proves how she is nice and caring. She could of left me, but she stayed with me. And that how she influences me.
By: Mariam Musallam
Katy Perry
Why I admire her!!!
Katy Perry was rejected many times in the music industry, but she never gave up and continued to work hard and make sure her music was popular. She was the first artist, beside Michel Jackson, to have 5 number 1 singles from an album. I admire because, she inspires me to work hard too achieve my dreams, and to never give up.
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