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iPads in the Classroom

No description

Stacey Moultrie

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom
Similar to what white boards do
Allows for recording of what the students are do along with voice
Students could create a presentation on a certain chapter or concept and then share with the class (common core link)
Free App, need to set up an account
Notes, Ideas, Images, and Task all in one place
Syncs to all of your devices, including a desktop
Free App, account required
Online Storage
Allows you to access worksheets, PowerPoints, etc from iPad
Once installed, syncs with computer, so camera uploads are downloaded on computer
Free app (2 GB of storage, need account


1. Set Guidelines for how the students should work with the iPad.
2. Before letting your students use the iPad make sure you teach them how to use the Apps they will be using.
3. If you want your students to only use a specific App, Turn on the Guided Access Feature on the iPad.
4. Set up the restrictions on the device before letting a student use the device.
Useful Apps for the Classroom
Allows you to capture from the web
After students write or complete an assignment, there is an option to save into your camera roll or to email it to yourself (documenting what students did.
Free App, uses your evernote account
PDF Expert
Fill out PDF Forms
Sign Documents
Add freehand drawing to the documents
Type text and Add Notes with comments
Cost $9.99
Whole Class Ideas
Review a skill already taught
Introducing a new skill, use a WhiteBoard App (i.e. Educreation and Smart)
Explain a worksheet, pulling it up through Dropbox
Collaborate on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation using Google Drive or Office365
Geography Lesson Using Google Earth
Create a Podcast Using Garage Band or use Audacity or Croak.it (iphone app but can use on ipad)
Small Group Ideas
Presentation on a chapter read using Educreation
Creating a podcast
Completing a worksheet or other writing assignment using Skitch
Using the QR Reader, Croak.it!, www.qrstuff.com to create book reviews
Useful Paid Apps
Garage Band
create podcast
create music
great sound effects
A Classroom Management Tool that you can keep up with student's behavior in real time.
QR Reader for iPad
A simple and easy QR Reader
Free App

Example of a Student's Podcast
Understanding: Science Fun Podcast
5th grade students at Allen Elementary demonstrated their learning of the water cycle by creating podcasts in GarageBand. First they created their slides in the Web 2.0 program called PaintGo and saved them as pictures. After they wrote their scripts, they imported their pictures into GarageBand, recorded their voices, and added background music.
Easy to use handwriting tool for note taking.
Syncs with Evernote
Free, need an Evernote Account
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