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New Beginnings

No description

Kelly Smith

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of New Beginnings

The Renaissance
Italy=first country to experience a rebirth
renewed interest in the art, science, and social and political thought of ancient Greece and Rome
Petrarch-poet who encouraged people to study philosophy and literature
The Renaissance
Printing press invented by Gutenberg-more learned to read
Art became more realistic
Scientists made solar system discoveries
Technology advances
Watch invented in early 1500s
Trade Routes and Conquests
European countries searched for ocean routes-land routes were dangerous and expensive
Europeans hoped to find gold and other riches in Africa
Cape of Good Hope=southern tip of Africa
Trade Routes and Conquests
Conquered Americas-looking for wealth
Columbian Exchange=exchange of goods between Americas and Europe
European Colonization
Expansion of power, religious freedom, and increased wealth
Colony=physically separate-but under the control of-another country
increased the wealth of the ruling country by providing new markets for trade
Mercantilism=colony supplies raw materials to the ruling country
What differences in religious beliefs brought about the Reformation?
Why did European countries sponsor explorations to other lands?
Roman Catholic Church was selling indulgences (pardons for punishment for sins)
led to the Reformation
Martin Luther-excommunicated from the Church
Protestantism=supporters protested against the Church
European Colonization
Encomienda system=allowed Spanish colonists to demand labor from Native Americans
Some Europeans granted the right to force Native Americans to work for them
New Beginnings
Chapter Fifteen Notes
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