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No description

Tess Wentworth

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Service

POLICE OFFICER SERVICE an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service. Tess, Sophie, Dylan, Sarah, Lily Duty: enforce laws
Job Functions: catch criminals, prevent crime, give out traffic tickets & direct traffic, testify in court
Education: a high school diploma to a college or higher degree, work experience, pass physical exams and written test
Requirements: U.S. citizen, at least 21 yrs old, a driver's license, healthy, strong, and have a good character
Skills: multi-task, communication, leadership, good judgment, strength and stamina, perceptiveness
Training: recruit training in a regional or state academy, on-the-job training
Working Hours: 40+ hrs/week, must be available at all times Salary: 2010 median annual wage was $55,010 ($26.45/hr)
Benefits: paid vacation, sick leave, medical and life insurance
Location: outdoors in all kinds of weather, some work in offices
Advantages: work outdoors, ride motorcycles, work with dogs, make a difference in people's lives, good job security
Disadvantages: work in foul weather, odd hours, readily available, potentially dangerous
Current Issue: media misconceptions
Future Trend: expected to grow by 7% from 2010-2020
Job attraction: it is a challenging job and offers an opportunity to serve the community Duty: help protect life and property
Job Functions: put out fires, save people who are trapped in burning buildings
Education: a high school graduate, pass the fire exam, hold an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification, 2 or 4 years of college education in fire science is encouraged
Requirements: at least 18 yrs old, a driver's license, must pass physical and written tests, strong and healthy
Training: several weeks at fire academies by the department or the state, a long-term on-the-job training
Skills: good communication, brave, analytical skills, teamwork
Working Hours: 50+ hrs/week, must be available at all times
Salary: 2010 median annual pay was $45,250 ($21.76/hr) Firefighter Benefits: paid vacation, sick leave, medical and life insurance
Location: at fire stations when not on-the-job, some work at airports or in factories
Advantages: make a difference in a community, pay&job benefits, job security
Disadvantages: dangerous, long or odd hours, must be available 24/7
Current Issue: economy impact hiring, more volunteer firefighters than paid ones
Future Trend: expected to grow by 9% from 2010-2020, strong competition for firefighter jobs
Job attraction: it is challenging and offers an opportunity to serve the community Firefighter There are, many choices of what you can do when joining the military
However it is pretty split between Officers and Enlisted men
Enlisted men do not need a college education or any work with ROTC
If you want to be an officer you must have a college degree and work with the ROTC program Military Services Jobs for Enlisted Men can range from being Infantry, Special Forces, Native language Speaker all the way up to legal services.
Each one of these requires advanced schooling through the Military, you do not need any training previous to the Military for this.
For men or women just joining the military the average salary is about 17,000 dollars a year after about 6 years in the service this usually doubles. Enlisted Men These soldiers also receive benefits,housing and food via the Military
The working hours vary greatly while active duty in a war Zone hours are 24/7
But while on base the working hours are usually about 8-12 hour work days
These men can also be stationed pretty much any where in the world.
This job is very unpredictable and attracts a wide variety of people.
A major disadvantage of this field is that you risk your life and sign your life away for the time you serve Enlisted Men Cont. This job is very unpredictable and attracts a wide variety of people.
A major disadvantage of this field is that you risk your life and sign your life away for the time you serve
I learned that even though the salary is low the value of the benefits alone is 150,000 dollars
I also learned that as an enlisted man you can go into legal services. Enlisted Men Cont. Officers are in charge of enlisted men and are given commands from higher ups
They are responsible for those men they are in charge of
The functions of the men or women vary but are mostly like manager positions
They supervise and lead their men in the tasks they are ordered to carry out Officers Requirements to become an Officer include: a College Degree, Special training, Military School, and ROTC programs
As a person you need to be strong mentally more than anything and thrive under pressure
Salary increases as rank goes up but the starting pay is 38,434 -64,156 and can be upwards of 200,000 dollars Officers Cont. The conditions and hours are about the same as enlisted men but they have a lot more pressure involved
The location can range from the U.S to anywhere in the world
The personality of the people is usually a very tough one and very leadership oriented
Advancement in this position takes a very long time and a lot of hard work
A disadvantage to this job is the massive amount of responsibility and time it takes Officers Cont. Non-Profit Organizations NPO Marketing Director Background, Skills, Experience Median Salary: $70,000

-Usually more flexible than For-Profit jobs

-Difficult to advance into top-tier position NPO Marketing Director Generalities Advantages: Disadvantages: Police Officer School Psychologist #1 What do they do? Master's Degree 22% by 2020 Advantages/Disadvantages Marriage and Family Therapist #6 What do they do? Master's Degree/License in State 41.2% by 2020 Advantages and Disadvantages Head of the organization.

Major responsibilities

Public face of NPO NPO Chief Executive Officer Background, Skills, Experience Median Salary: $130,000 to $200,000

Non-Profit Universities- Millionaire Presidents

Hours differ by NPO size and location.
Non-Profit CEO Generalities Advantages

-Volunteers serve in host countries to work on issues
-Three months of training required
-Volunteers must be 18+
-There is no salary, but they are offered many other benefits
-Location and working conditions vary
-Skills and ablilities: outgoing, compassionate, etc
-Job outlook is always increasing Peace Corps -Advantages
-once in a lifetime experience
-learning experience

-no salary
-far from home
-Current issues/trends
-amount of funding is unknown
-will volunteers be in a safe environment?
-more college students joining -Member of a religious group sent into an area to evangelize or perform ministries of service
-Some formal education may be suggested. Formal bibical/theological training may also be required.
-Skills/abilities: adaptable, outgoing, teachable, etc
-Average salary: $35,000
-Benefits: travel and flexible work hours
-Location varies (local and worldwide)
-Personality characteristics: loving, compassionate, caring, etc
-Job outlook is increasing Missionaries -Advantages
-the experience
-opportunity to serve others

-far from home
-low salary
-sometimes dangerous
-Current issues/trends
-the church is growing worldwide
-intolerance and violence Higher Ranking Non-Profit Jobs
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