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Sima tasting

Porridge and Potatoes went to have a May Day sima tasting in the park.

Niina a-f

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Sima tasting

I m a g e - g a l l e r y
Food studies by
Porridge and Potatoes

Contact: porridge-and-potatoes@googlegroups.com
Blog: pap-tasters.blogspot.fi

Many thanks to all participants: Anssi, Erika, Heidi, Jani, Maarja, Maire, Neil, Outi, Paul, Sanna, Zalán

"Sima is (...) a sweet sparkling brew that is mainly seasonal and connected with the Finnish Vappu (May Day) festival." (Wikipedia)
The secret:
The right yeast to sugar ratio.

That's why:
C6H12O6 = 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
In other words:
Fungi (yeast) consume sugar and turn it
into alcohol and gas.

Resulting a conflict between fizzyness and sweetness:

More yeast causes less sweet but more fizzy drink, and vice versa.
black line: median
orange: upper/lower quartile
whisker: max/min values
circle: outlier
Generally, Home-made 1 and 2 were
equally good
Both of them stand on the first and second rank. Also, somebody didn't like them at all...

Home-made 3 was ranked as No3, while

Commercial drink was the
least favourite
for us.
- Personal impressions, verbal evaluation
- Ranking the products from 1 (best) to 4 (worst)

Word cloud:
The most frequent descriptive words. "The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source" (wordle.com)

showing the medians and max/min values of evaluations.
Blind test
3 different
drinks (similar recipe but personal yeast usage;
Without added color, preservatives and flavour enhancers
1 commercial

"Marlin Perinteinen Sima"
With added color,
flavour enhancers
9 tasters
, mostly experienced sima drinkers.
The method:
Relaxed outdoor tasting
The final ranking
Less yeast, therefore more sweetness and less bubbles produced.
Yeasty taste, good fizziness, therefore less sweetness.
A little yeasty yet satisfying drink.
Perhaps a bit too much yeast?
This had probably nothing to do with yeast and fermentation ..
Commercial product
Home-made sima 3
Home-made sima 2
Home-made sima 1
+ Miniparticipants: Anni, Dániel, Freia, Friida, Sonja and Heidi´s belly
Prezi by Ferenc Vilisics and Niina Ala-Fossi
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