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The Hammock Carry

No description

Nicole Bolten

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hammock Carry

Thank You!
How do you carry it out?
Reach under the victim and grasp one wrist on the opposite rescuer. The rescuers on the ends will only be able to grasp one wrist on the opposite rescuer. The rescuers with only one wrist grasped will use their free hands to support the victim's head and feet/legs. Then the rescuers will squat and lift the victim on the command of the person nearest the head.
How is it helpful?
The Hammock Carry, or the Three-man Carry, is helpful when the patient is unconscious or cannot move and needs to be moved.
By: Nicole Bolten
The Hammock Carry
What is it?
The hammock carry is a method of moving a patient with three or more rescuers positioned on both sides of the victim. ( usually with the strongest on a side with the fewest rescuers. )
This is what it will look like under the victim.
You see that there are three rescuers, two on one side and one on the other.
They have a tight grasp on the other rescues wrist guaranteeing a secure hold.
Are there any other names for the Hammock Carry?
Also called:
- the Three-man Carry
- the Three-man Hammock Carry

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How helpful is it?
The Hammock Carry is helpful in many ways. the most important way is that it moves a victim who has been harmed in some way or fashion. As an EMS personnel, your top priority should be to create a safe environment for you to work on the patient; and sometimes you may need to move a patient to a safe area.
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