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Noun Clauses

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Michael Piergalski

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Noun Clauses

Noun Clauses
What is a Noun Clause?
A subordinate clause used as a noun.
How do we diagram them?
1. I know who you are.
How to handle "that", "if",
and "whether"
These words get diagrammed under the verb in the noun clause.
1. A glass of water is what I need now. (PN)
2. She thinks that I'll do well on the test. (DO)
3. Chris will give whoever is closest the ball. (IO)
P. 97-98
2. What you see is what you get.
3. Whomever you elect will have a tough time.
4. What you said surprised us.
5. What you said about Kevin surprised us.
6. Nobody told Jim what the surprise was.
Ones with "Where", "Why", "How", "When"
7. Whoever finishes the race first will win a blue ribbon.
8. We will give whoever wins the contest a prize.
9. What I need is my own room.
10. Mr. Perkins announced what we would be playing.
11. They were able to take advantage of whatever they found.
1. She knew where he had been.
2. When we returned last night was pretty late.
3. Kevin understood why they robbed his house.
4. How the burglars entered was clear.
5. I could not think of where I put my keys.
6. The last question, when we should schedule the next meeting, was quickly decided.

prim·i·tive (adjective): unaffected or little affected by civilizing influences; uncivilized; savage:
In what ways are you a primitive person? Does 'primitive' have a positive or negative connotation in your eyes?
1. I know that Kevin is a fish.
2. I know Kevin is a fish.
3. Buzz couldn't decide whether he wanted a cheese pizza.
4. Marv didn't know if he should walk up the stairs.
1. We have finally decided that we would quit raising chickens.
2. Their position was that they would accept any reasonable offer.
3. My reason is they would have died anyway.
4. Kevin thought he would know what he wanted.
They go above the verb in the NC on
a dotted line.

1. George knew what he should have said.
2. George does not care about whatever anyone says.
5. Firestone is where Riley works now.
3. Whoever insults George will not receive a quick comeback.
4. George will give whoever zings him snarky line.
6. I don't know how George thought of that line.
7. Why George is obsessed with the Jerk Store is unclear.
Noun clauses starting with Where/How/Why/When
+The El Train is how you travel around Chicago.
+Injuries are why the Bulls underachieved
+Portillo's is where Chicagoans get classic hotdogs.
1. The bathroom is where George took the book.
2. The clerk doesn't know why he did that.
3. George wonders how he can regain his money.
4. I can't remember when I first saw this episode.
*I don't know if George will be prosecuted
Grab a Noun Clause packet from the front table.
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