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Dramatic Irony in Twelfth Night

No description

Anna Maria Macan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Dramatic Irony in Twelfth Night

DRAMATIC IRONY IN TWELFTH NIGHT THESIS: Dramatic Irony, as seen through gender reversal, disguise, and mistaken identity, exposes each character's flaws, thereby intensifying the conflict. IRONY "eIroneIa" FeIgned Ignorance HypocrIsy DECEptIon Functions of Dramatic Irony (1) ComedIc (2) ComplIcatIons (3) Access gender reversal InformatIon Structure of Dramatic Irony and Comedy (1) InstallatIon (PreperatIon) (2) ExploItatIon (suspense) (3) resolutIon (1) Relative Happiness Social Order Minor Love Problem (2) Self-Love Mistaken Love Fantasy Love (3) Identities Unveiled Marriage Love Problem Resolved "I do not fool myself, to let imagination jade me; for every reason excites to this, that my lady loves me. She did commend my yellow stockings as of late, she did praise my leg being cross-gartered; and in this she manifests herself to my love" (Act 2: Scene 5: 153-158). "He will come to her in yellow stockings, and 'tis a colour she abhors; and cross-gartered, a fashion she detests, and he will smile upon her, which will now be so unsuitable to her disposition" (Act 2: Scene 5: 188-192). SELF-LOVE PRIDE SUPERIORITY IMPRISONMENT REVENGE "I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you" (Act 5: Scene 1: 370). SIR topas + malvolIo VS "he's a barren rascal... an ordinary fool that has no more braIn than a stone" (Act 1: scene 1: 80-81). "good sIr TOPAS, NEVER WAS MAN THUS WRONGED...GOOD FOOL, I WILL LIVE TO BE THANKFUL TO THEE (ACT 4: sCENE 2: 28, 82-83). MANIPULATIVE = letter to olIvIa two-faced truth revealed FESTE duke orsIno "FOR WOMAN ARE AS ROSES WHOSE FAIR FLOWER ONCE DISPLAYED BEGINS TO FALL THAT HOUR... NO WOMAN'S HEART SO BIG, TO HOLD SO MUCH. THEY LACK RETENTION. ALAS, THEIR LOVE MAY BE CALLED APPETITE... BUT MINE IS HUNGRY AS THE SEA, AND CAN DIGEST AS MUCH. MAKE NO COMPARE BETWEEN THAT LOVE A WOMAN CAN BEAR ME AND THAT I OWE OLIVIA" (ACT 2: SCENE 4: 38-39, 96-104). IronIc -- the DUKE'S "APPETITE" IS THE ONE TO "SUFFER SURFEIT, CLOYMENT, AND REVOLT" (aCT 2: sCENE 4: 100). DRAMATIC IRONY EXPOSES HIS DELUSIONAL LOVE!!! LOVE TRIANGLE "I AM THE MAN... AND AS I AM MAN, MY STATE IS DESPERATE FOR MY MASTER'S LOVE. AS I AM WOMAN, WHAT THRIFTLESS SIGHS SHALL POOR OLIVIA BREATHE! O TIME, THOU MUST UNTANGLE THIS, NOT I! IT IS TOO HARD A KNOT FOR ME TO UNTIE" (ACT 2: SCENE 2: 35-40). MARIA'S DECEPTION SEBASTIAN'S WELCOMING "no, I DO NOT KNOW YOU; NOR I AM NOT SENT TO YOU BY MY LADY, TO BID YOU COME SPEAK WITH HER, NOR YOUR NAME IS MASTER CESARIO; NOR THIS IS NOT MY NOSE EITHER. NOTHING THAT IS SO IS SO" (aCT 4: sCENE 1: 5-9). seBASTIAN "ARE ALL THE PEOPLE MAD?... WHAT RELISH IS IN THIS? HOW RUNS THIS STREAM?" (aCT 4: sCENE 1: 26-27, 61). MISTAKEN LOVE CONFUSION AND CONFLICT "LET FANCY STILL MY SENSE IN LETHE SLEEP! IF IT BE THUS TO DREAM, STILL LET ME SLEEP!" (aCT 4: sCENE 1: 62-63). "fOR THOUGH MY SOUL DISPUTES WELL WITH MY SENSE THAT THIS MAY BE SOME ERROR, BUT NO MADNESS, YET DOTH THIS ACCIDENT AND FLOOD OF FORTUNE SO FAR EXCEED ALL INSTANCE... I AM READY TO DISTRUST MINE EYES AND WRANGLE WITH MY REASON THAT PERSUADES ME TO ANY OTHER TRUST BUT THAT I AM MAD (ACT 4: sCENE 3: 9-17). VS RESOLUTION MISTAKEN IDENTITY "Do I STAND THERE?"
(Act 5: Scene 1: 222). "I MY BROTHER KNOW, YET LIVING IN MY GLASS" (aCT 3: sCENE 4: 367-368). "I'll sacrIFICE THE LAMB THAT I DO LOVE, TO SPITE A RAVEN'S HEART WITHIN A DOVE (aCT 5: sCENE 1: 126-127). "tHE GLass seems true" (Act 5: Scene 1: 261). IDENTITIES REVEALED sebastIAN olIVIA duke orsINO vIOLA "IF THIS WERE PLAYED UPON A STAGE NOW, I COULD CONDEMN IT AS AN IMPROBABLE FICTION" (aCT 3: SCENE 4: 124-125). Table of Contents (1) Intro to Dramatic Irony (2) Maria's Deception (3) Feste's Disguise (5) Love Triangle (4) Duke Orsino's Delusion (6) Sebastian's Welcoming (7) Resolution
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