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Copy of Historical Facebook

No description

caitlin malone

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Historical Facebook

For: Historical Facebook Albrecht Durer Presentation By: Alicia Liu
Camlle Goenawan
Cailin Malone
Rachel Morris Sources Ablbrecht Durer Biography

http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/durr/hd_durr.htm Date Artist Nuremberg, Germany Venice, Italy Hi! My name is Albrecht Durer. I was born
in Nuremburg in 1471 with my brothers
and sisters, I was the second child. I'm
married to Agnes Frey, but I have left her to
pursue my dream of becoming an artist, and
went to Venice, Italy. Here I have made my
most famous art pieces. I also like to wood carve.
When I was still young, I wasn't an art master just yet. I became apprenticed to Mike Walgmur, who taught me everything he knew about art and woodcarving. I owe my success to him. He taught me how to make my Renaissance arts one of the best, using perspective to make my art look 3D. He also taught me many different techniques to woodcarving. I really like being his appretice. He is an amazing teacher. That is my life. Male Women Married @r+1$+4!yf3 1471 Agnes Frey Wife Albrecht Durer Truth is your painting and wood carvings are really nice! I really love your painting techniques and your cover photo. Jacopo De Barbari < Albrecht Durer Albrecht Durer, Agnes Durer Ikr! hes working on a new beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular self portrait of me. Hans Durer < Albrecht Durer Hey brother! I heard that you and I were the most famous out of our many siblings! #yolo #swag #livingthegoodlife Wow! That is spectacular! I can't belive it! We may be mostfamous, butI am still more famous than you though! JK :) Agnes Frey Hans Durer Brother Albrecht Durer Father Jacopo de Barbari Willibald Pirckheimer Philipp Melanchthon Erasmus Agnes Frey Hey! I believe you left your red oil paint at my house. Would you like to come and pick it up? Hans Durer Michael Wolgemut Barbra Albrecht Durer > Nuremberg, Germany Venice, Italy Albrecht Durer, Agnes Frey Hans durer Oh! okay I will be right over :) Hans Durer Barbra Albrecht Durer liked Albrecht Durer liked Agnes Frey < Albrecht Durer I can't wait to see your new painting today! #cantwait #painting #excited Hans Durer, Albrecht Durer, Michal Wolgemut and 2 other people liked this Yes it will be wonderful! You and others will love it :) Moved From Germany to Italy-1494
Got Married-July 9, 1494 www.geometricart.com Geometry is the starting point of all art. April 26, 2013 Geometric Artist
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