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No description

Justin Brumley

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of resume

Justin Matthew Brumley EDUCATION

Monash University 1995-2000
Bachelor of Engineering (Electro-Mechanical)
Combined degree with emphasis on both mechanical and electrical (including electronic) disciplines.

Central Queensland TAFE 2000
Programmable Logic Controllers Introduction

Mortlake Secondary College 1994
Victorian Certificate of Education
What I can offer
Tertiary Degree qualified in BOTH electrical/electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.
Comprehensive knowledge of power transmission products and design.
Willingness to travel and work in remote locations.
Experienced in project control methods.
Ability and willingness to slip in to a variety of roles.
Keen desire to undertake any training required.
Able to interact well with clients and fellow employees at all levels.
Solid experience of several different areas of industry as a supplier, OEM, customer, consultant and end user of equipment.
Ability to work with adherence to proper techniques whilst being flexible enough to deal with specific situations as the need arises.
A thorough knowledge of computer programs and an ability to quickly learn new programs.
Respect for the privacy of clients and customers.
A strong sense of community.
Strong understanding of file management .
Knowledge of documenting techniques.
Ability to work under stress.
Ability to work in physically challenging situations. Vestas, Melbourne Vic. 2006 to 2008
Senior Wind Turbine Generator Engineer.
• Troubleshooting/Call Centre.
• Continuous Improvement Management
• Site Support.
• Sales Support.
• Project Support.
Melbourne Vic. 2008 to 2010
Wind Park Performance Manager.
• Managing three teams of Engineers
• Design and selection of SCADA solutions.
• Implementation of SCADA systems.
• Maintenance and Support of SCADA Systems.
• Wind Park Improvement.
• Wind Park Performance.
• Condition Monitoring.
• Reliability Engineering and Forecasting.
• Wind Park Management.
• Continuous Improvement Management.
• Technical Support.
• Maintenance Engineering.
ANI Minerals Processing, Mulgrave Vic. 1998 to 1999
Project Engineer
Semi Autogenous Grinding, and Ball Mills. Engineering from drafting/design to QA and Supplier assessment,
• International Communition System Project
• Engineering Support
• Documentation – technical writing
• Logistics Vestas, Melbourne Vic. 2004 to 2006
Technical Support Engineer Asia Pacific
• Troubleshooting/Call Centre.
• Continuous Improvement Management
• Site Support.
• Sales Support.
• Project Support
• Tender for OM agreements. Personal Traits
A thirst for new experience and knowledge.
An interest in the workings of different industrial and managerial processes.
A desire for challenge.
I like to interact with people.
Strong sense of loyalty.
Understanding of the value of new/different approaches.
Non-Judgmental but aware of sense of personalities.
An understanding and respect of confidentiality

• Australian Institute of Management, Developing a Business Case Program, July 2008
• Minitab, Manufacturing – Introduction to Minitab, June-July 2008
• Minitab, Manufacturing – Basic Statistics, June-July 2008
• Minitab, Manufacturing – Statistical Quality Analysis, June-July 2008
• Minitab, Manufacturing – Factorial Designs, June-July 2008
• EnergyAdvice Pty Ltd. Wholesale Electricity Market Overview, December 2008
• The Mathworks, Matlab Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, July 2006
• Optec pty. ltd.- Abridged Electrical Authorised Initial & CPR & Shock Refresher Training Courses. December 2006
HSM – HLTFA2A Apply Advanced First Aid
• Hydro Tasmania – Recipient Authorisation
• Australian Safety Training Services, PUASAR004A – Undertake Vertical Rescue, 2003
• Australian Safety Training Services, ASTS01 – Use and Operation of Fall Protective Equipment,2003
• Hydro Tasmania, Authorised Recipient, 2004
• Queensland Mining Industry, Generic Induction Passport – Coal Surface,2001
• TAFE Advanced Microsoft Access, 1998
• Project Adventure, Adventure Based Learning, 1996 & 1997

• Australian Red Cross, Workplace Level Two(First Aid), 1997
Monash University, Gippsland Vic. 1996 to 1997
Student Liaison Officer
Student support involving running tours for new students and university guests. Represent student body at events. Crisis support of others during high demanding workload.
• Liaise between University and Students
• Peer Support and Mediation
• Public Relations Australian Marine and Offshore Group (AMOG), Clayton Vic. 1999
Design Engineer
• International Undersea Pipeline Berm
• Supervision of Model testing
• Data Collection and Analysis South West TAFE, Warrnambool Vic. 1999
Removal and Transport of Horticulture Facility
• Safe demolition
• Salvage
• Logistics Vestas, Woolnorth Tas. 2003
Technical Support Service Engineer
• Turbine erection and commissioning.
• Service and Breakdowns
• Acting Site manager INTERESTS
• Photography
• Readingpuzzles
• Technology & science development.

• Scuba Diving
• Guitar
• Kayaking
• Logic • Creative
• Determined
Operating Environments
• DOS, Windows XP, NT, 98, 2000, Linux

• PLC, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Pascal, Motorola Chips, Matlab.

• Microsoft Office including Word, Access, Power Point, Excel
• Experience with the lotus suite of applications.

• AutoCAD, Digital Imaging, Maple, MathCAD, Nastran4D, Matlab, Solidworks

• Internet and e-mail

• Quattro Pro (including Macros), MIMS, Progress, Maximo, Vestas, Melbourne Vic. 2008 to 2012
Director Power Plant Engineering Asia Pacific
• Head of Engineering pool for Asia Pacific Region with offices in India Japan and Australia, managing six international engineering teams.
• SCADA Engineering
• Wind and Site Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Technical Documentation. ENGINEER!

B.Eng (elec-mech)
Born: 17 September, 1976
Married, 3 Children. Vestas - Wind Turbines
Bradken Industrial, Karrabin, Qld. 2003
Acting Purchasing Manager. 6 weeks. Bradken Minerals Processing,
Runcorn, Qld. 2002
Maintenance Engineer - Casting Facility.
• Project managing of capital expansion.
• Inception to commissioning of works.
• Equipment design and drafting
• Commissioning of new capital equipment. MAD SKILLZ Soft Skills
• June Muir Directions, Conflict Resolution Skills and the Psychology of Conflict, 1997
• Outdoor Initiatives, Ropes Course Facilitator (High and Low Elements), 1997
• St. John Ambulance Service, Level Two First Aid, 2012
• David Abbot, Monash University, Basic Skills in Counseling, 1996
• Geoffrey R. Adams, Monash University, Conflict Resolution Training 1996 Supplier and Employer training
• CBC internal training modules covering product familiarisation and sales/marketing.
• Specialised engineering training from suppliers including Timken, NTN, Loctite, CR Seals, Siemens A&D, Economos seals, EST, Gates Belts.
Vestas – VDB
• Vestas – Basic Engineer
• Vestas – NM
• Vestas – Service Engineers Induction
• Optec pty. ltd.- High Voltage Electrical Operator – Initial Course for Vestas
CBC Bearings & Power Transmission, Qld 2000 to 2002
Sales Service Engineer
• Engineering support and training for sales staff and customers.
• Site surveys and stock reduction.
• Site facilitator – Mackay region.
• Site facilitator – Indonesia. John Doyle & Co., Berrigan NSW 1995 to 1998
Grading both in shed on paddock. Long hours of highly physically demanding in adverse conditions. Bagging potatoes high volume physically demanding involving stacking 50kg Hessian bags in 1-1.25 Tonne pallets. Minimum 20t up to 100t per day typically 50-75 tpd. Operating and maintaining farm equipment including fork lift and chaser bins, requiring adaption to new techniques and quick but safe operation.
• Quality Control
• Packing
• Maintenance
Bradken Industrial, Karrabin, Qld. 2003
Project Manager
• Production of fabricated Main Frames for Wind Turbines
• Technology Transfer. B.M. & J.M. Brumley Plumbing,
Mortlake Vic. 1990-1996
Working at heights and in remote locations with minimal support. Manufacturing, installation and removal of water tanks. Understanding of basic electrolysis chemistry. Working iron fabrications and rolling iron. Working in confined spaces,
• Metal Fabrication
• Windmills, Maintenance & Repair
• Accounts receivable Research and Modelling Maintenance Project Managment Sales Mining Wind Manufactuing Argriculture Personal Consulting Design Demolition Research and modelling Pacific Dunlop Tyres,
Mechanical Engineer
Somerton Vic. 1997 to 1998
Maintenance engineering. Exposure to managing industrial relations in a highly unionised environment to ensure maximum productivity during a plant shutdown. Using Microsoft Access to develop job a management system to replace a SAP system that was not effective. Working through a plant shutdown to understand the requirements and demands of short down-time refurbishment.
• Maintenance Management Software Application Development
• Spares Optimisation
• QS 9000 Bradken Rail,
Karrabin, Qld. 2002 to 2003
Project Engineer
• Production of 50 cubic metre Iron Ore Wagons
• QC and OHS documentation development.
• Jig and Production tooling design & drafting
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