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Historical sources Tapestry

No description

Paul Dawkins

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Historical sources Tapestry

Historical Sources
Analysing the Bayeux tapestry
1. Decide on the order of your pieces of tapestry
2. Photograph it and then describe/explain what is happening and give reasons for your opinions
3. Finally come up with a list of questions that you would need to ask that would help you decide if this is a good source.

Learning Objectives

Know what a source of information is
Understand how to investigate a source
Be able to evaluate a source as to how good it is
I'm finished so what now?
How about answering the questions
here sits harold king of the england.they have givin harold the royal crown. these men wonder at the stars
here duke willam has ordered the building of ships

these men men are carrying arms to the ship.and here they are pulling a cart with wine and arms
here the body of king edward is being carried to the church of st peter the apostle.
king edward in bed addresses his loyal friends.
and here he is dead.
Timeline of events: Correct order and explanation of tapestry
Evaluation of source
Make a list of questions that will help you decide if this source is a good one.


Name:mia close
the working
as a group
work faster
and work beter
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