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World Mysteries Set 1

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Hi There

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of World Mysteries Set 1

Done By: Chong Shu Ting World Mystery Crop Circles pattern created by flattening of a crop and also referred to as crop formations

these crop circles are not always in circular shape

many of these formations are positioned near ancient monuments such as Stonehenge Point of View
[Man-made] Constructed by human beings as a prank

Created by tying one end of a rope to an anchor point and the other to a board that crush the plants Point of View
[Weather] Here is a Video of some Patterns of Crop Circles: Thank you for
Attention! Cereologists suggested that these crop circles are created as a result of extraordinary meteorological phenomena

However, there are still no evidence of any crop circle being created by this cause Point of View
[Paranormal] cereologists think that crop circles are caused by ball lighting

the patterns are complex that they are believed to have been controlled by some entity.

Some even proposed entities are, for example: Gaia asking to stop global warming and human pollution Point of View
[Animal Activity] attorney general in Tasmania stated that Australian wallabies were found creating crop circles in fields of opium poppies Point of View
[Changes to Crops] Scientists found differences between the crops inside the circles and outside, but are still studying them

most of the wheats were elongated in a pattern falling off with the distance from the centre

seeds from the bent-over plants grew much more slowly under controlled conditions.
My Opinion believe that it is the changes to crops which create the crop circles

evidence (research done by scientists) provided proves that the changes to crops helped create the crop circles
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