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Kyla Hoffbauer & Gabby Torres

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lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Kyla Hoffbauer & Gabby Torres

Medal Of Honor
Mary was an alleged spy, a prisoner of war, and a decorated surgeon. She is one of only eight civilians and is the only women to have received the medal of honor. She was the only graduating female in her medical class. She crossed into enemy lines to treat wounded civilians and was captured. She was arrested as a spy but was released in a prisoner exchange.
Charles Kettles
Charles was an armor officer until he left active duty. He then went back for helicopter training. He was in the field when he learned that an airborne infantry unit had suffered casualties during a firefight. He volunteered to lead the flight of helicopters to evacuate people. Upon landing the helicopter was severely damaged but he returned to extract more troops. He returned for a third time to get 8 soldiers that were not able to reach the remaining helicopters. Without any artillery he was not able to defend the helicopter but the helicopter returned safely to base.
Honor is high respect and esteem.
These soldiers showed honor for risking their lives for their companions.
Salvatore Giunta
He received the medal of honor for saving the lives of others in his squad on Oct. 25,2007 during the war in Afghanistan he served from 2003-2011. While his Sargent was wounded, he fired at the enemy while administering medical care to his wounded companions.
Kyle Carpenter
Almost 3,400 men and one women have received the award for heroic actions in the nations battles. The medal of honor is the greatest military award you can achieve.

Mary Edwards Walker
Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one
These soldiers did amazing things when they were in peril.
Patriotism is love and devotion for ones country.
All these soldiers showed patriotism by being selfless for their country.
Valor is great courage in the face of danger especially in battle.
They all showed great courage by putting others before themselves in battle.
He received the medal of honor for his actions in Marjah, Helmand Province, and Afghanistan.He is the youngest living medal of honor holder.He served from 2009-2013
Kyla Hoffbauer and Gabrielle Torres
In our opinion, we think all of these soldiers deserve the medal and should be considered heroes. They all showed honor, courage, patriotism, and above all valor. They risked their lives to fight for our country and freedom. They're all inspiring because they were so brave in the face of danger.
wikipedia.com and cmohs.org
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