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Captain America Hero's Journey

No description

Erick Grady

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Captain America Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey of :
Captain America: The First Avenger

1. Ordinary World

1. Ordinary World
Captain America starts out as a ninety pound man named Steve Rogers, who has enlisted in the army numerous times and only gets in when scientist, Abraham Erskine believes that he will be the perfect subject for his super-soldier project. While in the army, Rogers continues to struggle. However, he is clever enough to take down a flag that has been on a pole for years by unscrewing it. Everyone else attempts to climb it. Rogers is awarded with a ride to base. Rogers gets beat up and his later friend, Bucky Barnes helps him.
2. Call To Adventure
Erskine persuades Rogers to
forgo the experiment which turns him
into a super human. After the experiment is complete, a Nazi spy invades the laboratory and kills Erskine along with several other people. This causes Rogers to chase after the spy. The spy tries to escape in a submarine but Rogers grabs him. The spy then consumes a suicide pill in his tooth.

3. Refusal of the Call
Contrary to the stereotype of a hero refusing the call to adventure, Captain America is brave enough to take it on. He even volunteers for the Captain America Campaign. He states that he just wants to stop bullies. Rogers eventually becomes a film star..

4. Meeting With the Mentor
Unlike most heroes, Captain America's mentor is his love interest, Peggy Carter. She goes with him on every mission and gives him advice on how to use his special abilities.
5. Crossing the Threashold
Rogers finds out that his friend,
Bucky has been captured by the Hydra agents, or Nazis. He, Peggy, and Howard Stark, Iron Man's father, go to the Nazi base and rescue Bucky and 400 soldiers. They return to base while everyone thinks they're dead.

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies
Rogers meet many allies and also a few
enemies. He encounters obstacles along the way. When he rescues Bucky, he had to jump across the length of a bridge. This is when he learned of his strength and abilities. He comes face to face with Johann Schmidt a.k.a Red Skull, who is also a super soldier and his enemy. People that help Rogers are Stark, Peggy, Bucky, and Col. Chester Phillips, who was very hard on him.
Skinny Steve
Strong Steve
The Nazi Spy
The Star Spangled Man
Steve and Peggy
Meet Red Skull
Howard Stark
Peggy Carter
Chester Phillips
Bucky Barnes
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