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Board Meeting, December 8, 2010

No description

John Bernia

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Board Meeting, December 8, 2010

Board of Education Presentation
December 8, 2010 The class of 2023 attended
school today; they are in Kindergarten. This morning, high school students had wireless internet access if they met at Tim Horton's, Starbucks, McDonalds, or Panera. It's likely they also had wireless internet access if they stayed home. They did not have that same access this afternoon at Lake Orion High School. Technology at the University level is
at an all-time high. Online class enrollment
continues to increase. Vocational Education includes many technological components. Workers in auto plants currently
have jobs that require the use of technology. Currently, technology in our buildings operates on a Jewelry Store Model.
-Low volume, high resources
- The need for big ticket items. No matter what their choice,
our obligation is to prepare every
Lake Orion graduate for the world
that will be, not the world that once was. Studies have indicated that
student engagement and achievement
increases with integration of technology into classrooms. Technology must operate in our buildings
on a grocery store model.
-High frequency, low resources, regular use
- Smaller scale, deeper integration. The bond, if successful,
will move our district technology
from "jewelry store" to "grocery store." In a responsible way, we must get more technology into our classrooms that will benefit student achievement, the future demands it.
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