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Why is 381, 654, 729 awesome?

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Kendi Danbrook

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Why is 381, 654, 729 awesome?

Why is 381, 654, 729 awesome?
It's a Pandigital
Pandigital numbers are numbers that contain each of the digits from 0-9.

The pandigital numbers that James talked about were zero-less numbers, which only include the digits from 1-9.
381, 654, 729
The reason why James liked this number because the first digit was a multiple of one, the first two digits were multiple of two, the first three digits were multiple of three, and so on.
3- multiple of one
38- multiple of two
381- multiple of three
3 816- multiple of four

My thoughts on
The video
Why did I pick this video?

I picked this video because I haven't heard of pandigital numbers before I watched the video. It seemed interesting to me that there's so many different kinds of names of different kinds of numbers.
What did I learn from it?

I learned that there are so many different names for numbers. There is so many patterns out there in the world that no one knows about. Now, I have knowledge about a kind of number that I did not know before.

The video is to inform people about different kinds of numbers and how they aren't just digits put together. 361, 654, 729 has a very different pattern than others, and it also includes all the digits from 1-9.
Web address/ Video :
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