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I Was Here

No description

Isabelle Genin

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of I Was Here

How the author reveals theme
Literary Devices
The author reveals the theme through literary devices but also through this quote...

Gayle Forman uses various literary devices to reveal this theme and other messages in the story.
Connotation: "How
some people are"(201).
Foreshadowing: "I have time" Meg said."(7) Knowing what happens by the back of the book, this foreshadows that Meg doesn't actually have that much time.
Paradox: Meg, being smart and having a lot of potential, but actually being depressed, reveals that people aren't just what they seem on the outside.
Motif: Fireflies, used throughout the book. They are a symbol of Meg.
Placing the blame will not cure the pain.
Isabelle Genin
I Was Here
By Gayle Forman
This book was about a girl named Cody (our protagonist). Her best friend Meg, who was in college had just committed suicide. Cody was devastated because her and Meg had been friends for a long time and yet through all Meg's emails to Cody, had never once mentioned wanting to take her life away. Cody then becomes determined to get to the bottom of her friends death. After going through old email files on Meg's computer, Cody finds a group on an internet blog that influences people to take their own lives and gives specific instructions on how to do so. She is sickened by the people who do this and gets angry because they caused Meg's death. With the help of Meg's friend Ben, Cody is able to trace down one of the people who helped Meg. Cody decides to confront the man at his house. In the end, the man admits what he did but Cody could do nothing about it. He is later confronted by police but no arrests are made because no laws were broken and Cody and Ben return home.
"Joe and Sue met with attorneys who said that I might have gathered enough evidence for a civil suit. They're discussing it but Sue says she doesn't have the stomach for a fight. It won't bring Meg back, and right now, she says, we need not vengeance but forgiveness."(269)
Other Connections
This theme can relate to the Slender Man trials because the arrest of Anissa and Morgan will not cause Peyton to forget the trauma that she went through. In any murder case, or cop TV shows, arresting someone won't change the events that happened. The pain of losing someone cannot be healed by punishing others and that's really what I believe Gayle Forman is trying to convey to her audience through this theme.
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