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Why To Grow Your Own Vegetables

A great deal of reasons why growing your own vegetables is great!

Jess J

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Why To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Why Is Growing your own vegetables great? Exercise! Growing your own produce doesn't
just help you exercise your body, it also helps exercise your brain! Learn horticultral skills (gardening skills) What if all the electricity
in the world died out??? Surely we would have to rely on our
freshly grown produce, wouldn't we? By digging up weeds, carrots etc.
you get ALOT of exercise!!! What'll you think if I tell you that
digging for 10minutes, uses more energy
than you would to swim for 10minutes!
UNBELIEVABE! Harvesting also uses alot of energy;
so obviously harvesting is a great, and new form
of excellent exercise Freshness! Could anyone possibly think that
after having a metric tonne of apples
transported all the way from a different country,
by plane, then unloaded, then put on a truck, then dropped off in a factory, then washed, then put in a truck again, then dropped off in a supermarket, possibly be as fresh as plucking a few apples off an apple tree in less than 5 minutes???? Every intelligent person would think that freshly picked
fruit and vegetables are at the very peak of ripeness and
freshness! No... Pollution!
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