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Peter Messely

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Workshops

We offer several different chocolate workshops, each one has his own specifications and highlights.
Our mission is to teach the participants on a fun way how to use different kinds of chocolates

- degustation of dark and milk chocolate
- Explenation about how chocolate is made and how we should treath them
- Making of student chocolates in dark and milk chocolates
- Making of a chocolate lollipop
- 'The ultimate chocolate experience'
- Each participant can take their own made chocolates home
Short Version Workshop
Mini Chocolade Workshop
- Degustation of dark and milk chocolate
-Explenation about how chocoklate is made and how whe should treath them correctly
- Making of Rice Poppers on a base of hazelnutpaste and milk chocolate, to finish them up we make decorations with pure chocolate
- Every participant can take his Rice Poppers home to show to their loved ones
- Degustation of dark and milk chocolate
- Making of 'Truffels'
- Chocolates with a mix of nuts
- Crispy Rice Poppers
- Marzipan with a dark chocolat coat

Duration : +/- 2,5 hours

Chocolate workshop
Chocolate studio
Make your own chocolate figur, by using half chocolate easter eggs.
After the workshop we wrap your own creation so you can take it with you and show of to your colleagues and friends

Duration: +/- 2,5 h
Build a Atomium
This is a workshop for real teamplayers!
If you like a challenge and you have a passion for chocolate.
You can build a chocolate atomium togheter with your friends or colleagues.
We can split you up in 2 teams, so that there is a competition between the 2 teams.
The team who wins get's a bottle of champaigne.

Create and throw Cream Pies
Did you always dreamed of throwing a cream pie? This is your chance .

First we start making our own cream pies, and the contestant with the best pie wins a bottle of champaigne.

After the pie making, we put on a suit so that we can go out and throw the pies to each other.
Chocolate Paintings
A steady hand and a high concentration are required for this workshop.

We make a real chocolate artwork, a painting from 20 on 30 cm.
Major painting and custumization can also be developed bij size.
Each participant can send his own picture, painting,... to us, so we can make a print that each person can copy in Chocolate

Duration: +/- 2,5 h
Chocolate and taste explosion
Taste chocolate with different flavours, like pepper, balsamico, Whisky, Wine, Olive oils,...
And experience our 'Ultimate chocolate Experience'

In this workshop you go from the one surpising taste to the other.

Duration: +/- 1,5 h
If you have specific idea's of what you want for a chocolate workshop, you can always make your own workshop toghether with us.

We will put your creatif idea's into a workshop just for you.
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