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Allies and axis powers

No description

audie skweres

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Allies and axis powers

Allies and Axis powers
Allies were the countries
who opposed the Axis
Powers. The Allies mainly consisted
of Great Britain and France. The "Big Three" joined later which included the U.S., the British Empire, and the Soviet Union. The Axis Powers were a group of countries who were opposed to the Allies. They consisted mainly of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Also Hungary, Rome, and Bulgaria were minor countries involved in the Axis Powers.
1939-1945 The Japanese killed the first German serviceman in the war. 100,000 Allied bomber crewman were killed in Europe. 84 German generals were shot and killed by Hilter. In World War II Germany
lost about 40-45% of their
aircraft. A total of 136 German generals were lost in the duration of the war, which averages about 1 dead general every 2 weeks. Allies and Axis Powers Created by:Michelle McCullough and
Alicia Royal
Period-8 The Allies and Axis Powers were in effect from
1939 to 1945. The second world war started to stir in motion when Germany first carried its
"Blitzkrieg" or "lightning attack" method of war on Poland, this practically destroyed Poland. Ultimately it created a domino effect and set the scene for a second world war.
In the summer of 1945 the war had finally ended, although
it was estimated that a total of fifty million people had died
during World War II.
The war truly began when Hitler refused to abort his invasion on Poland, at that point Britain and France decided to declare war on
Germany. A relevant event to our topic was the Trail of Tears. Just like the rivalry between Andrew Jackson and the Indians who experienced the Trail of Tears, the Allies and Axis Powers were also major enemies.
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