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The Benefits and Challenges of the Industrial Revolution

No description

Joseph Moran

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Benefits and Challenges of the Industrial Revolution

Some Benefits
Higher income
Steady jobs
Rapid Urbanization
Soaring population growth
More and cheaper travel
Laws to improve working conditions
Many rights for the workers
Faster production
Some Challenges
Exploitation of children
Dangerous machines without safety features
Polluted air
Deafening sound led to hearing loss
Conditions were poor
It was cold at work
Children could lose limbs and hair because of the machines
Even More Benefits
Major advancement in technology
Brought people closer
More machines were made
Products were made more, better, and faster
Led to knew knowledge, and more widespread technology
Railroad travel became faster
Railroad building boomed
The economy boomed
Made life more comfortable
Even More Challenges
Machine moving was "body breaking"
Cities became overpopulated and filthy
No running water, sewage disposal, or sanitation system
Full of disease and death
People were replaced by machines
People were starving and struggling to survive
Workers had to work nonstop without breaks
The Benefits and Challenges of the Industrial Revolution
Joseph Moran
Period 4

Was more beneficial in the long run, but still effected the world negatively
Created a major advancement in technology
Changed how people work forever
Changed many policies
Made products and knowledge more widespread
Major population growth
Cities became dirtier
People became less relevant when making products because of the newly invented machines
Changed technology and the world forever
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