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The Hobbyist

No description

Hanul Lee

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hobbyist

"The Hobbyist" by Fredic Brown
Short story analysis
Composition and development of the plot
1. Composition and development of the plot

2. Pointed of View

3. The characters

4. Setting - place

5.The time

6. Interpretation
Conversation in between Sangstrom and the druggist about an undetectable poison. ->

The druggist offers Sangstrom for coffee to go on with the conversation ->

Who the target is and why ->

The druggist has poisoned Sangstrom ->

The druggist asks for money for the cure
Conversation in the pharmacy -> Coffee break poisoning -> Result
I can sense the presence of climax, it makes us to want to continue reading. I did not want to stop because this author has driven the readers crazy, readers crave to read.

Here are some quotations;

"I heard a rumour,",

"to the effect that you have completely undetectable poison."

"Tell me. Whom do you want to kill, and why?"

"Does it matter?" "Isn't it enough that I pay for"

"Yes, it matters. I must be convinced that you deserve what I can give you. Otherwise - he shrugged"

"The whom is my wife"

"Please give it to me, then"

"I already have. By the time the coffee was ready I had decided that you deserved it. It was, as I said, free. But there is a price for the antidote"
Author develops the tension in the story without the readers knowing. Very smart actually, all our attention is about the poison and what would happen after poisoning his wife. As if the readers are Sangstrom. The author tricks the readers in the end.
It is neither Sangstrom's view nor the druggist's view. I felt as if I was present in the room, maybe a prop in that pharmacy, whatever I was I had a clear vision of what was happening.
A guy who wants to kill his own wife. (The author has not given us a clear reason why, which means that it is not important)
The Druggist:
The man with an undetectable poison, Sangstrom is asking his help.
Setting - Place
The story takes place in a small pharmacy, it is a sneaky meeting at night. The atmosphere is very shady, sneaky and dark.
The Time
It only mentions that it is at night.
I personally believe that author has created this short story mainly for entertainment rather than a message, well if I try to find a meaning I could find one. For example, we could say that "Don't do anything illegal and just live by the law". I just think that it was more of an entertainment than a message.
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