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Straw Bale Retrofit

No description

Mike Jones

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Straw Bale Retrofit

The Background Our house was built in approximately 1900 and housed a market gardening, homesteader family on the edge of rural New Dundee, ON.

Typical of some of our area's rural homes of that time period it had... Locally collected field stone foundations... ...which needed some restructuring. A timber frame 1st and 2nd floor system A 'plank' framed exterior structure. Many eras and ideas of appropriate renovations. Corner of the house from below showing pegged timber frame. Original
Board and Batten Insulbrick -
1930's to 1960's Aluminum Siding -
1970's But what about those bale walls? Other Interesting Features... Interior Partition Wall 2x4 Framing
Straw with Bentonite Clay Slip
Moveable Formboard Original Proposal Straw Bale Retrofit -south facing
-already had 'character'
-already has a foundation, roof, framing
-required lots of re-working to make project happen
-saved a lot of materials, fuel and site disturbance -south facing
-would have required the 'old house' to be demolished
-require significant investment in a new excavation
-new materials would have been required
-Is it sometimes easier to just start new?
Notice any similarities? Our Straw Bale Retrofit The Inside Story We had to peel back a lot of layers to get to the... But why a retrofit in the first place? SNAKES!
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