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No description

hailey johnson

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Anorexia

Physical effects of Anorexia include......
* Severe mood swings
* Depression
* Lack of energy and weakness
* Brittle nails
* Constipation and bloating
* Tooth decay and gum damage
* Dizziness, fainting and head aches
Encourage weight gain and healthy eating (family and friends)
Reduce other related symptoms and problems
Help people become both physically mentally stronger
Bring them to a nutritionist or psychiatrist
Help bring them back to a normal weight
Definition of Anorexia
*Anorexia is a eating disorder that a person more so teens girls have. It's when you starve yourself or have extremely small amounts of food on a daily bases. This can also produce to Bulimia. Its an intense fear of gaining weight. Can harm brain, nerves, hair, heart, blood, muscle, joints, bones, kidneys, blood fluids, intestines, hormones and the skin.
Introduction to Anorexia
Today we are here to talk to you about a very common disorder called Anorexia Nervosa.

We will tell you about the symptoms, Effects, how to detect if somebody is anorexic and the facts about why teens are doing this to there bodies.
This is how anorexic people see them self, even though everybody else see's them as thin they see them self as fat.....
Causes of Anorexia
* Thinning of the bones
* Dry and yellow skin
* Low blood pressure
* Growth of fine hair all over the body
* Brain damage
* Low self-esteem
* Physical or sexual abuse
* Worried and feeling scared about the future
* Poor reaction to stress
You think your fat even though people tell you your not
Are you just terrified of gaining weight
Extreme weight loss
Thin appearance
Abnormal blood counts
Making him or her self throw up
Taking pills to urinate or have a bowel movement
Taking diet pills
Pressure to be perfect
Feeling fat when your not
Feeling out of control
Can cause people to be bulimic
Pretending to eat or lying about it
Encourage people to gain weight
Don't force them to eat food persuade them
There are many ways to loose weight instead of starving your self
Exercise and eating healthy is a proper way to loose weight
Tell and show people the effects that anorexia can do to you
Brain and nerves: fear of gaining weight, sad, moody, bad memory, fating, changes in brain chemistry and cant think right
Hair:thinness and gets brittle
Heart: low blood pressure, slow heart rate, fluttering or the heart and heart failures
Blood: anemia and other blood problems
Muscles and joints: weak mussels, swollen joints, fractures and osteoporosis
kidneys: kidney stones and kidney failure
Intestines: constipation and bloating
hormones: periods stop, bone loss, problems growing, trouble getting pregnant and if pregnant higher chance of miscarriage
Skin: bruises easily, dry skin, growth of fine hair all over body, getting col;d easily and yellow skin

7 million people in America alone who are currently suffering from anorexia
Mostly young women have anorexia
Anorexic people tend too fast
Fasting is when you only eat vitamins and water for one week or more
There's 10 to 15 percent of the population of men who are anorexic
People with anorexia have poor reaction to stress
Thank you for listening to our presentation on anorexia i hope you enjoyed

1.) How many people in America are currently suffering from anorexia?
2.) Give us two symptoms about anorexia.
3.) What does fasting mean?
4.) Name two categorizes on how anorexia can damage your entire body.
5.) Whats a brief definition of anorexia.
6.) What is a treatment that can help anorexia?

I hope you were listening now we have a quick little quiz if u get it right u will get a prize.
this is a
50 year old
women and she only weighs 40 pounds
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