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Copy of Book of Negroes Presentation

No description

Emma Jane

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Book of Negroes Presentation

Born in Bayo, in 1745
Mother taught her how to catch babies
Learned how to read and write in Arabic
Sees her parents get murdered
Captured at 11 years old At 11 years old walks with Fanta,
Fomba and othercaptives to... Arrives in Nova Scotia alone and distraught
Meets Theo McArdle and Daddy Moses
Gives birth to May
Works for Theo McArdle and the Witherspoons
White residents of Birchtown start to cause commotion
May is stolen by the Witherspoons
Meets Thomas Peters and John Clarkson who offer to bring her to Africa
The discovery of Chekura's whereabouts pushes Aminata to said to Africa Back to Sierra Leonne living in Freetown
Tries to return to Bayo
Escapes being sold into slavery by her "guides"
Travels to London here Arrives on Appleby's Plantation
Georgia takes her in and treats her like a daughter
Taught to read and write proper english by Mamed
Marries Chekura and has a son named Mamadu
Mamadu is Sold
Aminata is sold to Solomon Lindo Goes with Solomon Lindo to Manhattan
Travels to New York with him and runs away
She establishes herself by catching babies, working in a tavern and teaching
Assists with writing the Book of Negros
Re-united with Chekura
While attempting to sail to Nova Scotia, she is stopped and almost reclaimed as a slave
Eventually leaves to Nova Scotia St. Helena's Island, South Carolina, 1757, 12 years old Manhatton, 1777, 30 years old Nova Scotia, 1783, 38 years old Arrives in London
Meets Sir Stanley Hastings who wants to write her story for her
Meets with the King and Queen
Reunited with May London England, 1802, 57 years old Stuck on a slave ship Citations
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